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One more post on my FB Double weight paper and Jobo proceesing adventure. Please see recent posts.

While everything looked fine in the water bath on my 8x10 DW FB prints (Kodak polymax fineart) and there were no obvious ridge lines from the tank, there were wobbles or wavy lines that appeared after drying and pressing under books which seemed to coincide with where the ridges of the tank may have touched the paper. Of course my heart sank again, but the paper did not seem to be damaged in any way so I thought that maybe it was just the usual curling changes seen with air-dried FB paper (I use screens with paper placed face-down).

So I took them to a dry mount press and pressed them at 200 degrees F for two minutes between clean boards and cooled them under sheet glass and Voila! Perfectly flat prints, no lines, no ruffles, nothing. I showed them around and everyone said they were indestinguishable from tray processed prints. So looks like it can be done. Since I press all my prints anyway, this is not an extra step for me

I feel like I have been on a JOBO roller coaster, but now that the ride is over, I feel fine and believe that DW FB prints in a CPP-2 with the 2800 series drums is perfectly do-able. Feel free to email me if there are any JOBO print nuts out there with any questions...


-- Scott Jones (, June 12, 2001


Scott. Great!! How long did you let the prints dry before they went under the press?? Also, please post your results when you try 11x14 and 16x20. Many thanks! Dave

-- David L. (, June 12, 2001.

Hi there!

The prints dried overnight on screens face down. They were pretty flat, but riffled, which I thought was maybe from the ridges, so I put them under a heavy book for 1/2 day. Prints were pretty flat but still had some of the concerning "lines" (which of course I now feel to be nothing more than drying ripples). Kodak DW FB Polymax Fineart was the paper I used. I have a call into Kodak right now to find out the weight of their paper which they don't have published. I should know by tomorrow. Ilford's MG IV DW FB weight is 255grams/meter squared. We will see how the Kodak paper compares to see if we can expect Ilford's paper to react the same way....


-- Scott Jones (, June 12, 2001.

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