A letter to all in whom believe Joseph Smith Jr. was a Prophet

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A letter to all in whom believe Joseph Smith Jr. was a Prophet

Thus saith the Lord that I must give utterance:

In the wake of the Timothy McVeigh execution, I write to all that consider themselves followers of Joseph Smith Jr. The time has come to open up your eyes somewhat to your generation that you my prosper from this information and use it in the coming years. There is a great movement in the government of the United States. This is a secret combination like the one administered to Cain from the Great Liar. As I write this, forces are coming together to bring about new reforms that threaten to destroy your constitutional right to practice any good and worthy religion you choose to join.

Mr. McVeigh was a modern day Korihor. Not because he was in anyway similar to that Book of Mormon man, but because of what he did and what was done to him. He preached a gospel of hate and hated the traditions of his forefathers, Abraham Lincoln being one. It is no coincidence that he thought of himself as a martyr. Korihor wasnít a martyr but he did suffer death at the hand of a people who are combining to bring down the government. McVeigh died as mute as Korihor and as firmly trusting that what he had been taught and what he himself taught was true. And like Korihor, McVeigh tried to seek for a sign that could prove to him that what he did was wrong. He received his sign. People didnít rally for his causes. People he trusted turned their back on him when what he was came before the public eye.

We are now in a period ripe for our government to change radically from what we knew in the previous century. The majority of the people of our nation choosing evil rather than good sustain a man who is our president as such. Both candidates were seeking power unrighteously. The man who was our president before Mr. Bush was no less tarnished with evil. Mr. Bush is like the Book of Mormon Chief Judges; he is one in a succession of Presidents seeking more for power and less for the good of our country. Mr. Bush will have his political career murdered by the career of his brother. There is no respect to a political party in the combinations that are taking place. The rich people of the world only want one thing: power. Mr. Bush is in the process of not only undoing the work of Mr. Clinton his predecessor, but he is preparing our nation to liberalize and demoralize the constitution. When the people of our nation see an end to George Bush they will cry for a softer more environmentally friendly President. When this happens our country will have been prepared for a President who will be more willing to let the protections of The Constitution be changed to let more international influence have power over our self-governance.

Be warned. All is not well with Zion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is as much a part of this process as George W. Bush. Joseph Smith had a vision. He was reluctant to share this experience with the general population of the United States because of the pride of the children of men. He was inspired to bring Godís children to Him through line upon line. Too much truth has the power to overwhelm the hearts of the children of men and is like throwing seed to unprepared ground. The LDS Church is very interested in United Stateís role in a world with no boundaries. They have become a world church. The politics of their church extend to the far corners of the earth. What they have to offer the world is not as precious as it once was. The first rule of any successful empire is to not force strange customs upon a people. The way to keep a people is to create rules and laws that will limit the criticism of the people. Joseph knew much criticism. He knew it more than any other man that has headed the LDS Church.

I am not a fundamentalist. I am not writing this letter to advocate bring the gospel back over 150 years. I am writing a warning to the people who rejoice in the knowledge that Joseph Smith Jr. restored to the world. Joseph was a man of great insight and great imagination. In many ways he was like a child who gets excited over what adults take for granted. He saw our time. He saw a gospel brought to many lands and he rejoiced in it. He also saw that his enlightenment was for a short time and that what he brought into the world would be changed over time. How frustrating it would be for him to recognize truth in something and by revelation weave it into the garment of the gospel and then to have it criticized on all sides. He didnít fear the reproach of men. The LDS Church fears the reproach of men. The prophet is well learned in the art of public relations. His mission is to build a Kingdom of Zion here on the earth where all nations will flow to it. The truth of the individual is second to the truth worldwide exposure and credibility.

I am not saying that Gordon B. Hinckley is leading the children of men astray. I am saying that in the long succession of Presidents of the LDS Church, the gospel has had things taken away instead of added to it. As the Church grows the Gospel is shrinking. Look for the day when the endowment is shortened and the scriptures finished. This will be when The Lord stops striving with man and the day of destruction hangs over us. The endowment was restored to the Gospel to set the humble followers of Christ apart from the world. Baptism was to prepare a person to prove their loyalty to Christ through His Gospel. People are being baptized unprepared and having shown little to no faith to the Gospel. The endowment has become less a portal to the higher blessings and more an ordinance of habit. It was ordained to be an ordinance to exalt one beyond mere faith in Jesus Christ. It was designed to test a man and his loyalty to Christ. The dead can have the endowment shortened because they need only to understand its importance with hindsight. It helps the dead repent. The endowment of the living is a proactive measure to instill loyalty and faith in a Gospel that was before the earth and will be after the earth is rolled as a scroll.

The diluted offerings that the LDS Church is offering are being accepted and rejected at an unheard of rate. This church is swelling at a speed unheard of save it be through forcing people to believe by the sword. Joseph would have been proud of the growth but saddened by the price the Church is paying for that growth. He never wanted to bring people to a gospel that was as accepted as any of the Protestant Sects of his time. He wanted the truth of all things before his people that they could judge for themselves whether they could stand the test of truth. Joseph was doing the will of the Lord when he prayed about the Old Testament and understood the higher blessing of plural marriage. He did not condemn Isaiah when he learned that Isaiah was commanded of the Lord to go unto the Prophetess and conceive a child that the Lord may do His work. It didnít matter to Isaiah that the Prophetess wasnít his wife. God will accomplish his work despite the laws and institutions of man. We forget that Godís Law is for us. We do not understand nor are we supposed to judge God and what he does to accomplish his work.

Many people forget that the plan of the Devil is to frustrate Godís plans. We look upon Joseph and judge him like we would President Clinton. Joseph obeyed the laws of the land when he had a choice. If what God commanded him to do was contrary to the laws he tried to do the Lordís will with as little impact upon the laws of the land as he could muster. A prophet is always an irony. He exists in two worlds. He knows that at anytime his loyalty to God will be tested. God doesnít live by our Constitution, we do. We need to uphold it. If at anytime a general belief of the people were to jeopardize the Constitution we should support what was left of The Constitution. What a prophet does at Godís commands doesnít fall under Constitutional Law, it falls under Celestial Law. What you need to understand is that the Devil has for hundreds of years suppressed Spiritual Laws with Temporal Laws. He loves when a whole country belongs to a church or a belief that is state imposed. This means that he has less work to do and a smaller group of people to influence to get the job done. Right now fear not that a religion is coming to suppress you. That was a past model of control used by the Devil. This warning is to warn you of a belief that threatens your freedom. This belief is the belief that freedom means that you have more room to commit sin and less room to practice religion. Do you think that if Father Abraham were to try to sacrifice his son in the United States he would be as revered as he is? Do you think that if Jesus Christ went into a Christian church today and threw out the money trays and wine that he wouldnít be arrested and put in jail? Do you think that if Gordon B. Hinckley were to bring back the part of the endowment that Brigham Young created about revenge on the U.S. Government that he wouldnít be considered an enemy of the state?

There is a time and season for everything. Now is the time to set us apart from the world. As the LDS Church becomes more mainstream we need to fight this trend. We will lose our peculiar status and our souls if we continue in this tradition. We are not like the world and were never intended to be like unto the world. The LDS Church needs reform. The Wheat and the Tares need to be sifted. The LDS Church is gathering many tares and this begs a need to have the membership of the LDS Church sifted. God did not intend for his church to be accepted by the world. The fatal blow to the early church was Constantineís recognizing Christianity and accepting it. I am not saying that it is not good to be accepted by the world as a religion. This is good and much good can come from it. What I am saying is that the restoration of the Gospel needs to continue. We need to continue adding truth to our beliefs until the time when we are worthy to receive the highest blessings of this mortal existence. Many saints have left the earth and been saddened by the fact that the blessing of the sealing anointing will have to take place after their death. Brigham Young set events in motion that has led to the taking away of much truth from the Gospel. He taught that Adam was God, he set himself up as a temporal king in Utah and he unrighteously added to the endowment an oath. He was the Lordís instrument in saving the Kingdom of Zion but he wasnít the Moses that Joseph Smith Jr. was. The LDS Church continues in Brighamís tradition of changing the Gospel to fit his time, his needs, his pride, or the political pressure that he felt.

The LDS Churchís role in the building of the Kingdom of Zion is crucial. For with weak things God does his work. They will continue to play a vital role in the bringing about Godís purposes. Their role has become more of a vehicle than that of a driver. They can introduce people to Joseph Smith but their power is limited. They will continue to build houses of the Lord, which are acceptable in His sight. They will continue as the rock that was cut out of the mountain with no hands. The danger in blindly following the LDS Church is this: truth will continue to shrink. You will become desensitized to Godís ways. You will take for granted the blessings of the Priesthood. You will die endowed to higher blessings but never to have received such blessings. Herein is wisdom. Let no man deceive you. The Constitution is not the law that we should live by in our hearts. We should support or leaders in government and church as long as they allow us to practice our religion. It is not a sin to be a member of the LDS Church. Just donít expect the vision of Joseph Smith Jr., or the ability to recognize the gifts of the Spirit in its leaders. The time is coming for reform and it may not be in the LDS Church.

The time is coming that the two men spoken of in The Book of Revelations will be at the head of all the streets to afflict mankind. The purpose of this letter is to let some people know about it. God is not working in me to change the LDS Church. He is not working in me to be a leader of another church. He is working in me to bring about a change of heart in the children of men to bring about his glory.

This letter will touch someoneís heart. It will work a change upon them and it will in the smallest way set a wheel in motion. The two men spoken of our two churches. They are in some way related to the LDS Church. They may be a large faction that will in a future time be broken off as well as the Church itself. Be it known that they are groups of people and not two people alone. They are branches of the Restored Church. This is the way of the Lord. He doesnít set up one people to save all people. These two branches of the church that Joseph restored will eventually grow together but that will not come about until the 1000 years of peace which will be a time of reconciliation and not just for the LDS Church but for the whole earth. Christ will have a people prepared to meet him like the people who witnessed his resurrection in the New World.

The center places will be Independence, Missouri and Jerusalem. These are the heads of all the streets. There will be a prophet in Independence and there will be a prophet in Jerusalem. The way these two sons will reconcile will be with the temporal governance of the world at independence and the spiritual governance of the world at Jerusalem and a little lamb shall lead them. The Savior of the world, even Jesus Christ will sit in counsel with the elders of the church on the Mount of Olives and he will also sit in counsel with the elders of the church in the temple at Independence. The mountains of the Lord will no longer house the congregation. The area of Adam-Ondi-Ahman will house the congregation and at Independence will the Lord judge his people. Satan will set himself up as the most high in Godís holy mountain and then he will be thrust down into the pit for 1000 years.

Fear not what man can do to you. The sons of righteousness with boldness will create a new branch of Israel in the Promised Land. This year you will see a might change wrought upon the hearts of men. The reformation of the LDS Church was foreseen. The whole of the Gospel rests upon one place. Somehow the Lord has chosen someone to lead a portion of his people back to Missouri. They will show great signs and wonders and it will be obvious that their mission is to return to Missouri and that the gifts of the Spirit attend them in their every step. This year will be a pivotal year in the changes to come. Think not that the way back to Zion is an easy one. To break off as a branch of believers is always hard but the Lord has prepared a way. Satan is trying his hardest to prevent this move. Not that he minds the Splitting of the LDS Church, but he knows that the mouth of two witnesses will condemn him. He knows that when these two branches grow together that this will be the event that condemns him to the pit. He will only have one hope of success in anything that he does. He knows that he will be bound. He knows the cords that will bind him. In exchange for power over man for a short season he has given into the Lordís will. From the foundation of the world this was decided. Lucifer accepted the plan that Christ proposed on conditions. Lucifer has spirits and he looks out for his own. There is love in Hell. It is the love of the damned. They are creatures of great intellect but little hope. Satan and his followers have an anger that knows not time yet it exists in space. He knew that if he or anyone one of his followers was given a chance for a mortal existence that they would not attain Godhood. They knew in their beings that given the chance to help or to control another they would choose control. Satan is the father of lies because he knows the truth. His followers know the truth. They knew that their love of power and control was akin to Luciferís lust for power. In the beginning Lucifer relished glory, as did Christ. The difference was that Lucifer gloried in the power to control the elements at his whim and not the will of God. The greatest spirits knew how to control the elements and they still do. As God has a chosen so shall Satan. This person will be the weakest of Satanís spirit children and because he is the weakest Satan has chosen him to be the sole receptor of all his children to receive a body. For the season set aside Satan needs a physical mouthpiece. He needs a man who was dead yet people still retain in memory and worship that memory. It is this manís body and earthly memories that Satan will plagiarize to fulfill his dreams. Satan has damned himself and his followers to never ending appetite for elemental control. In Hell the spirits of the wicked will be tormented by their sins but it was in mortality where the Devil feasted upon their souls. They become after death the empty bottle and the spent strength of youth. They look back upon life with regret of doing too much sin or not doing enough. Be not deceived. There are children of the Devil among the dead. Their taste of mortality was too great and their spirits were eternally overcome. They will inherit a kingdom yet they will only receive joy in memories. They will be in a wonderful world unable to completely enjoy themselves because their most precious possession will be the memories of their earthly glory. They will never be able to get beyond earthly glory.

The Anti-Christ spoken of in The Book of Revelations will not deny Christ in fact he will praise Christís accomplishments. Yet in the light of praising Christ he will set himself up as a Christ. He will claim that although Christ saved your souls he will save your bodies. He will be worshipped as Mohammed having brought the people to the knowledge of the true God. He will claim that his God is the same as everyone elseís God only he will manifest God to the world and reclaim the world through his control over the elements. People will flock to worship this God of his and they will have the privilege of hearing God themselves predicting the future. For Satan has every minute of his proxy-mortal existence planned.

Joseph Smith saw what was coming. He didnít know when but misunderstood his role in preparing the earth for Christís coming. Satan was to gain control. Brigham saw what was coming and misinterpreted it as being in his time and recognized the role of the federal government clearing a path for the Anti-Christ to gain the hearts of the people here in the Promised Land. Of the men whole have beheld the mysteries of God few understood what was happening to them. No prophet truly understands the irony of his or her situation. Once anonymity is taken from a prophet his understanding of his influence gets distorted. This is why prophets get stoned and martyred. They donít understand what is happening to them. Joseph didnít understand why the people who followed him didnít see when the Lord had the control over what he did or when he had control. To submit oneself completely to the Lord means that you will do things at times that you would never do on your own. Nephi killed Laban and wrote a duplicate set of plates. Given the choice that to do either of these things wasnít a direct command from the Lord he would not have killed Laban and not have spent the latter part of his life compiling records. Hindsight is 20/20 and no man truly knows the extent of the influence of his actions. Were it that all of our actions could cause only as many ripples as deciding what we want wear everyday. John Taylor didnít foresee that wearing that watch would make him a prophet yet that one action saved him from the martyrsí grave.

In this confusing world many are preaching here, here is the word of the Lord. So many voices that we canít hear the Lord. The Lord is here. The Lord does nothing save he command the children of men first. The Lord wants his people to build physically Zion. It may not come tomorrow nor even next year, but it will be built and by a people that he has prepared who will need to pass through a furnace of affliction to get to Zion. The Lord knows that we are imperfect therefore he doesnít require perfection in the people who build the New Jerusalem in Independence. He only requires faith and a desire to receive the higher blessings that come from building this city. He doesnít need to destroy the land to rebuild it. He can do anything he desires for he is the Lord God, the might one of Israel and he doesnít go about to destroy but to rebuild. The LDS Church is like the unfaithful wife who He will take back and forgive and give her place in his Kingdom.

-- Telling Tom (meetmeinmissouri@hotmail.com), June 12, 2001



Whoever you are, "Peeping Tom", you are confused. You talk of the influence of Satan and how it has "led the church astray" and yet you yourself do not recognize the grip that he has on you. I find this increadible. Repent and see the light. Heavenly father loves all His children who are "meek and submissive" to His will, including yourself. Every single prophet that has succeeded Joseph Smith Jr. was called of God. If you have any doubt, I suggest you hummble yourself and sincerely ask him in prayer. I assure you, the answer will if done with an open heart and a contrite spirit.

-- Anonymous Faithful (anonymous@yahoo.com), December 16, 2002.

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