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My client is being funded to set up and implement an internal SLM program. We have started to put together an IT service catalog for a multi-platform environment and have identified 14 categories of services provided. There are some questions arising about what constitutes a service within one of these categories - must it be always tied to a metric? must it always tie to a cost? Any direction in constructing an effective IT services portfolio would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Thomas Long (, June 12, 2001



I work for a UK based IT Service Management specialist organisation and we have significant experience of Service Catalogues. One of the issues we frequently see, and your question highlights this, there is significant difference between a Service Catalogue and Service Portfolio.

A Service Portfolio should be more of a marketing document detailing at the highest level the services on offer. Hence these styles of document do not need to be tied to metrics and costs.

A Service Catalogue should be a more detailed break down of the Services provided and often will include the infrastructure, the software and even the people that deliver the service. By all means email me directly if you want further contact.

-- Tony Price (, July 10, 2001.

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