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I am going on a tour and am concerned about looking the same each day. I like your packing list of 9 items. The tour begins in London and ends in Rome (Aug 30 - Sep 18) so I have some concern about the temperature changes. Any suggestions will help. Thanks

-- Judy Gibbs (, June 11, 2001


Hi Judy;

Although I don't know what your everyday wardrobe looks like, but don't forget that when you're on holiday, most folks are not going to notice that you are cycling through a limited number of clothing.

The key to avoiding the same look is to use varying combinations of what you have, and to accessorize. You can do a lot with a wooden bead necklace (cheap; you won't be upset if you lose it) or a nice big scarf. If you plan out your wardrobe, you won't LOOK the same each day. If you look at the sample wardrobe I provide, you might notice that each look is pretty different. You can always alter your own wardrobe slightly so that you use a longer skirt instead of a skort, for example.

Have a wonderful trip!

-- Lani

-- Lani Teshima (, June 12, 2001.

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