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Hey everyone, sure hope Houston is drying out some. I've just been notified that I need to be there Wed. afternoon to do some storm adjusting for insurance claims. I'll need to activate my cell phone, which I've learned to live very well without and would love to continue to do so, but it makes me money when I go on a storm. Does anyone happen to know who has the best rates on cell phones? Mucho free minutes is always a plus since I'll be using it a lot for the next month or so. I'll also be needing a internet server for a month or so in the Houston area.

The full time adjusters call us the "give away boys", because we aren't as strict as they are when adjusting claims. Well, it's not that we're not as strict, but we make more mistakes! I'll be leaving Northern Ark. sometime around 8 in the morning and driving straight to Houston. Long trip. Driving to Hobby Airport.

Somebody tell me it ain't hot in Houston! Finally turned my A/C on today for the second time this year. I know as soon as the tail lights leave the driveway, the A/C will stay on until I get back! I'm watching the news hoping for something about Houston and all I can get is that dead guy!

Thanks from the Wildman!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001


Hi Wildman,

Try here: LowerMyBills.com

They have an area for wireless but I haven't used it so don't know what the rates are.

I did use this site to find my current telephone carrier. I'm paying 6.9 cents per minute for state-to-state calls (no monthly fee and no restrictions) and 11 cents per minute for in-state calls. The company is called ATN and I've had the service for several months with no problems. (just thought I'd add this bit of info in case anyone else might be interested)

Anyway, good luck in your search for wireless rates...

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001

Hey there, boy I've been bad about answering my email again. I use sprint for my cell phone, their service seems to be fairly consistent, and my brother travels alot and uses AOL because he said he can take it anywhere.

hey you know what Texas weathers like, I know you didn't forget already being up there in the north country. Yeah, it's hot already, but better hot than all that rain, we had 20 something inches over here in southeast Louisiana, three times over the last week it was like a lake all around our mobile home, but thank goodness we are three feet off the ground and moved our vehicles down the street.


-- Anonymous, June 12, 2001

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