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My Crown Graphic came with a little plastic thingee, into which the plunger end of a standard cable release can be clipped. It is screwed onto the body right above the carrying strap so it can be conveniently pressed with the left thumb. I'd like to have a couple more, but have no idea where to look. Porter's catalog doesn't have it. HELP Please! TIA.

-- Bill Mitchell (, June 11, 2001


I doubt seriously if you'll find one. Most were either removed or broken off the cameras they came on. They were original equipment, not an accessory. I've never seen one advertised. Take care of yours!!!!!!

-- Alec (, June 11, 2001.


Have you tried posting this question at the help board? ( You might also try contacting Midwest Photo. I believe that they bought a large supply of parts several years ago from the last authorized Graflex repair shop. Also you might try calling Stephan Shuart. His site always lists a considerable number of Graflex parts. Good luck.


-- Dave Willison (, June 12, 2001.

I keep e-mailing Midwest about Graflex parts, but keep getting, "Sorry. Can't help you."

-- John H. Henderson (, June 14, 2001.

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