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In a week's time, the General Board will be convening in L.A. The General Board is an institution of the AME Church - the Church that has committed itself to combating racism in whatever form it appears.

Is anyone informed of what stance the Church is taking in the debates that are taking place towards the UN's World Conference Against Racism, Xenophobia, Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerances set to take place in Durban (South Africa) on August 31th - September 7th, 2001? Is the matter of the racism scheduled for discussion at the meeting?

I raise these questions because I have come to realise that we are caught up with internal institutional challenges than we have been with those matters that have greater impact on our lives and the lives of millions of black people all over the world. In fact, where are we when activists, in and outside the church, are discussing the question of reparations for slavery? It is happening in the US, also!

I am aware that the World Council of Churches and other denominations, including other faiths, will be participating in the conference.

Racism has been worse than it was before. Globalisation has intensified not only racism but also other intolerances, especially xenophobia. How true are we to the very existence of the AME Church which was founded out the spirit of defiance to racism and racial discrimination? Are we still on the course? Or we glad to have it stated on some glossy paper but do nothing when the world has come to realise that what we have resisted is cancerously destroying humanity?

Blessings and peace.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001


Rev. Klass thank you for bringing up the issue of Racism. For if ever there is an evil that permeates this world it is Racism. Racism, kills, alienates, and destroys cultures. I do believe it is Spiritual Warfare. The United States continues the battle, locally and I hope globally. And for us in the US our efforts have started in the church. I want to assure you that many in the AME church are continuing the battle. I can only speak of my conference, the Pacific Northwest Conference in the fifth District Bishop John Bryant is our Bishop. In our region which includes Alaska, Washington and Montana, white supremacist groups have made their homes, calling this area their "Promise land" our church have been vocal and continue to fight racism. There is talk of starting an AME church again in Idaho, which ranks no. 1 for white supremacist activity. I head a human rights organization that is ever vigilant and speaks out against racist attacks. Do not dispair, we will never give up the fight.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001

The most segregated time in America is on Sunday morning!! The Word says in the last days brother will be against brother, nation against nation. Even in our own so called racial class, we tend to be "colorstroked" with the light skinned vs the dark-skinned brothers and sisters. Racism is all around us. If we're not discrimination on the basis of color, then we are discriminated for economic reasons. Look the main issue we should be discussing not whether one is black white or polka dots, BUT ARE YOU COVERED UNDER THE BLOOD! For too long we have argued this issue in our churches even have the nerve to but the ethincity of Jesus! UH DAH! Jerusalem is located in the Middle East, it gets hot, Jesus occupation was a carpenter, most them worked outside, when you're outside too long your skin WILL darken....UH DAH! From the field house to the big house, "massa" still bees havin de us negros talkin o'er these! You gonna find racism everywhere you go......this problem WILL not be erraticated until Christ returns.....So let's go on in Jesus name and be committed to the work He sets before us.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2001

Rev. Rogers and Lori, thank you for your contributions. I appreciate and welcome the fact that our local churches in various ways are on the case, confronting the demonic spirit of racism and the economic apartheid in its myriad manners of manifestations. I am confident of that.

But my greatest fear is that it does not appear like we have well oiled advocacy machineries which seek to affirm the actions of our local church where they cannot impact. Around here, in South Africa, we have boasted of the fact that the AME Church is somewhat a global church of black people. In fact, the manner in which AME Churches, and some of its members in the US, pledged themselves for solidarity with us under apartheid and racial discrimination (in innumerable ways, made possible for international institutions like the UN to take direction it took, then. I am convinced that it is such institutional structures as the General Board and General Conference which must minister to the global community. Such ministry, of course, being to affirm our local experiences and actions.

I do appreciate also that we should be discussing the cover under the blood. In fact, to call for action against racism, discrimination and intolerance is a call to remind the global community that we are all the creation of the Sovereign God, created of all thing seen and unseen. In fact, not only the creation but the very image of God, also. Fighting and acting against racism by the Church also says; we are about the restoration of the dignity of humanity. We do not do it like any political or NGO does it. Ours is informed by scripture. Ours is informed by the inspiration of the Spirit of God.

Blessings and Peace,

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001

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