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I would like to know how he portraid women, in his writings? thank you

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001


Poe's women whether to his male narration or in his poems typify their symbolism of the ideal, ethereal and other worldly presence. When deceased or in the dark that spiritual presence can be haunting or terrifying, like some sense of a pagan goddess. "Ligeia" shows the peak of this development, the beauty, the undying strength of will to simply overcome death, that attracts even as it repels. Usually they suffer terribly. Characterization in Poe is limited to mainly the single male hero-narrator like Poe's self and mind. The stock, dark romantic, female figure is important as it occupies that mind. At this extreme reside most of his fictional heroines and poetic Beatrces.

His life carried much of that idealized notion of femininity at the heart of his relationships, which in a way makes Poe look at times self-centered and abnormal, which though central to his art is not necessarily true of his life as a whole.

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

Did Not Even Have To Look At The Name, Yes, Agian, PE, Ya Beat Me To It, What, Do You Like Plot This? Anywho, Poe Had So Many Freaking Dead Woman In His Life, I Can See Where He Got His... Talent, See, In The P&P The "Don Madeina" Char Was Asked "Look, Isn't It Amazing That Your Mother Was An Adultress, Your Sister, An Adultress, Your Daughter An Adultress..." Well, I Think We Can All Replace Adultress With..... Dead.... See, He LOVED And Cared For ALL Woman, He Had A Higher Understanding Of Woman *Claps*

Peace Double D

PS Hey, PE, I Gatta Meet Ya So E-mail Me, k?

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

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