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Dear AME family I want to share some information with you regarding an AME church member in Montana. On sunday June 10th I went to visit my home church Wayman Chapel AME church in Billings Montana. The pastor Rev. Defoe introduced the District Attorney during the service who talked about an upcoming trial on June 25th in which a member of Wayman Chapel will testify how he was shot by a BB gun and injured. The victim of this incident was with his daughter at an ice cream store. And the perpetrators drove by shouting the N word and other racists statements and shot at the man and his daughter. Then sped away. The man had time to protect his five year old daughter but was injured. The District Attorney has filed charged against the perpetrators and is trying the case as a "Hate Crime" on June 25th. This will bring the incident and the church back in the news. I am asking for prayers for the family that was attacked and also prayers for Wayman Chapel. Wayman Chapel has had a continuous ministry in Montana since the 1800's. It has never waivered in the face of Adversity and eight years ago stood firm when members of the KKK came into the church and threatened to burn it, the church mothers chased them out by singing hymns in their faces. God calls the AME church to the battlefield in far away places. This case will have far reaching ramifications in our state for it is the first case being tried under a "Hate Crime law" Again Keep Wayman Chapel and the family that was injured in prayer. Thanks everyone

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001


It is hard to beleive that this can happen in this century. You have my prayers that the ones who did this horrible crime will be proscecuted. Continue to be diligent, my sister and the Lord will make everything good in the end.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2001

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