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Ok I just wrote my term paper for and I have part of a conclusion: " In conclusion, Poe dealt with many disadvantages in his life, and the only way he felt he could tell people about it was in poems and stories"

can anyone help me with the rest

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2001


So long has his tormented soul been put to rest, one can only hope that whatever existence lies beyond the completion of life, he has found what solace can be taken. He has left us with poems and tales, only contributing to the enigma that was his mind and being, but death failed to conclude the sensations that his life and works create in the souls of those that recite his lines. Truly, we are to believe that the man who was Poe died one and one half centuries ago, but this can simply not be the case. Certainly his physical being has long since been laid into its resting place, but the fantastic intrigument that he demands shall live upon pages and thoughts forever.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2001

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