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We have some incredible men in our church, and I would like to have a fellowship/bible study for the men. Do you have any suggestions or ideas. I definitely feel it should be led by a man,(since they do not share my love for the Utah Jazz,;-) I am really excited about the possibilities. And would like to know what the AME church has in place already. Thanks everyone!

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2001


Check the web for Promise Keeper material. They're sure to have a lot of resources for men. Promise Keepers is probably the biggest things going in the American Christian movement with a focus on men. Best of all, they have good Biblical positions.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2001

Rev. Denise, There are many outstanding men's groups within the A.M.E. Church. The one I am most familiar with is the group known as "The Master's Men" at Oak Grove A.M.E. Church in Detroit. Dr. Robert Brumfield is the pastor. Minister Nazim Fakir is the minister to the group. The church address is:19801 Cherrylawn, Detroit, MI 48221 May God Bless you richly for your faithfulness.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001

Rev. Denise the best way to begin a Men,s fellowship is through the Sons of Allen. This is a very powerful organization. Some information is in the Discipline.

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2001

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