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I am going to see a young peri-menopausal woman in her early thirties, who is trying to have children. She also has a history of fibroids. Her F.S.H is elevated at 14. That is all the history I know so far. I thought I might look at what is inhibiting her hormonal pathways, but would appreciate any other advice , if anyone has had any experience with this sort of thing.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2001


Dear Liz, you should consider looking at herbs that enhance fertility. These vary a lot in relationship to the rest of the case history and other current symptoms, ie liver or gall-bladder congestion, lymphatic congestion, primary pituitary problems, polycystic ovaries, etc. Whatever the background it may be, there are quite a few herbs that could help. A good herbal encyclopaedia can give you the various indications; then you could ask Metabolics to send you samples of the tinctures, which you could test individually. One that I found vey useful has been Lady's Mantle, which is also indicated in cases of chronic fungal UTI (probably because the fungus inhibits the hormonal pathways).

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

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