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Please could somebody verify something for me.If you are contacted before the six year period ends,how long does the lawyer/debt collection agency have to chase you,as in my case i was contacted after 5 years and because of this sight i have battled with DLA to get all the information from them to which they are basing there claim upon. In our last correspondence they told me that they believe that they have sent all relevant information and that further correspondance is pointless and that they will issue court proceedings. I replied by saying that if they are to issue court proceedings under the law of discovery i would like them to send me all the relevant information that i have requested ie:mortgage deeds mig policy etc.This was about 10 weeks ago and i have still not recieved anything. So my question to this sight is how long can the people chasing you for money chase you? If they are not prepared to send you the documents which you require to prove this alledged debt exist, or take you to court,how can you get on with your life? when will my life get back to normall? Surely this is not a never ending book, can they just keep popping out of the woodwork when ever they fill like it?,or is there a time period when this matter has to come to an end.

-- john travis (, June 09, 2001


I don't think anyone is 100% sure of the correct answer to your question, but DLA will probably claim whatever suits them.

I would just write back with "We note that you are refusing to supply any of the documents listed below, because you say they are irrelevent. Please explain." Then list all the documents you have asked for that they haven't supplied.

This will show the judge ( if you go to court, that is), how unhelpful they are, and their failure to comply with the Woolf reforms.

Good luck

-- Stephen Pooley (, June 10, 2001.

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