where to get film developed?

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Hello all, First I would like to send all of you a HUGE thank you, you have been so helpful, Thank you!! I don't develope my own film, and am new to large format, my question is where can I send film to get it developed, and a single print made? So far, I love large format! getting back to the basics, I am glad that I have reboxed my auto everything 35mm and put it away for now.

Thanks, Paul

-- Paul Moseley (PAMoseley@juno.com), June 09, 2001



Consolidated Media in Pasadena California does a beautiful job in developing black and white and E6. If you would like more information, drop me an email.

-- Jim (jimzpace@yahoo.com), June 09, 2001.

hi paul! i have my own custom black and white photo lab in minneapolis mn. i can process and proof black and white film to 20x24. let me know what i can do for you. contact me by www.richprints.com


-- rich silha (rsilha@visi.com), June 09, 2001.

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