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So here's the thing. S'pose for a moment that you've just opened an account with a new hosting company, say, They've got great prices, good plans, and when you email a question, you get back a response (from a guy named Javier) within a couple of hours. You're stoked.

Then you get a little note from Javier saying they're very excited about hosting your (shiny and new) web site, but would you mind waiting a few days so they can put your account on their (faster, beefier) new server? Sure, you say, no problem, love the fastness and the beefiness.

In the meantime, you've done the google searches that maybe you should have done before. You discover that has precisely 7 employees (when you quiz Javier about it, he insists there are 8). You further discover that there exists a Web Entrepreneur named Javier Campanillo. His google hits are equally distributed between web-hosting companies and golf tournaments (he's apparently like a 5-handicap, whatever the hell that means).

Question: what do you do now? Are you jazzed about the interesting people you can (quasi-)meet on the web? Or are you worried you've given your Discover card number to some guy who has a server in his garage?

(a little long for the first post - I apologize, but the question was burning. ow!)

-- G (, June 08, 2001



Cancel your account immediately. I told you not to play with the hot stove.

-- (, June 08, 2001.

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