Download for you tons of pictures every day from preset Channels or specified web site. Allow you viewing pictures offline with extra ease and leisure. Channels include NBA, Football, Sexy Models, Celebrities, Humor and Travel etc. : LUSENET : Konica 35mm SLRs : One Thread

Why using browser to download and view images. It's time-consuming and tedious. Here's what Image Banker (IB) can help you. Once you have selected Channel or specify target web site, IB will automatically download for you tons of images every day. All images are saved to your local harddisk. You can build your own image bank, and the bank will get updated and become bigger and bigger every day. With your local image bank, you can view or edit images or even set them as wallpaper or build screensaver at any time you want. COOL? Thatís not all. Images can be downloaded as per Channels. IB already builds in many popular Channels, like NBA, Football, Travel, Celebrities, Sexy Model, Humor, Automotive, Wallpapers and Pets & Animal etc. Of course you can add your own Channels. Say no more, why not download and try it for free now.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2001

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