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I burned two CD-R's with a VCD and it worked neither time. I used a silver and blue disc. The silver spun for like 30 seconds then gave up, the blue gave up immediatly. I think my DVD player sucks, or do I need to use a CD-RW?

-- Tom Fiscoe (, June 07, 2001


You might want to check out the compatibility list at You can look up your player and see if it supports CD-R media. Bad news for you is I have a friend with a Toshiba who uttered the following statement - "My Toshiba is a great player. It will play anything." It won't play CD-R though, as he found out and he ended up having to buy a Sampo to watch SVCDs I made for him on CD-R. You might be able to get CD-RW to work, but the compatibility list will tell you if that works or not. CD-RW doesn't always work on players that don't support CD-R.

-- Jason (, June 07, 2001.

Just checked it...I must own the crappiest dvd player possible definately going to buy a knockoff 2morrow..

-- Jared (, June 19, 2004.

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