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when i tried to cut and edit the Mpeg1 file in Tmpgenc, the audio was lost. can anyone tell me how to cut mpeg files and keep audio? thanks in advance.

-- Chris Wang (, June 07, 2001


Hello! I've had the same experience as you. It's because your MPEG-1 source file is not a "GOP-Closed" file. This time, you may need to use Adobe Premiere Ver. 5 or later to export the sound.

-- Frederic Chang (, February 25, 2002.

I had the same problem when I first tried TMPGEnc, when I tried to convert an AVI DivX video file. I started looking on the internet, and found a program (called AVI 2 Wav), that rips the audio from the AVI file into a new wav-file. In TMPGEnc, you have to select the original video-file (in the file-selection menu), and select the audio file you've just made in the audio-box. When you decode it now, the new file has audio!! :). If you have the same problems while decoding from an MPEG (1 or 2) file, you have to look for a program that rips the audio from the file, for example on You can also use VirtualDub of course. I hope I helped you with this information.

-- Maarten Voorn (, December 29, 2002.

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