i wana build a go-kart

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I am 15 and I am in need of a summer project. Me and my friends decided to try and make a Go-Kart. We have a 4.5hp lawn mower engin with a crank shaft that comes out the bottom. We have the weleding tools, but we dont no exactly what we should weld. Another poin of concern is how we will get the power of the engin(witch is running up and down) to the wheels(wich are runing left to right). If some one has any sugestions or even home maid plans for the frame/drive converter plz respond...

thanks! daniel

-- daniel (dcbintz@aol.com), June 07, 2001


That is an Easy one.... you need the Rear end Diff from an old ride on mover. that Usually has the shaft coming out of the top with a pully. Put another one on your engine and a belt... the bigger the pully on the engine the faster the cart will go

-- Rich Taft (rich.taft@taftphoto.com), June 19, 2001.

i am also building a go cart and i have a frame but all i have is a 6.5 hp lawnmower engine and i kind of want somthing more powerfull so if any 1 has somthing for me contact me, perferably used, cheap.

-- stephen (spk_2001@hotmail.com), September 18, 2001.

Hi, I'm 15 aswell, and looking to build a g0-kart, im hoping to use a 4-10 hp lawn mower engine, anyone got plans they can send me? tnx

-- Sean Carter (slax0r@hotmail.com), October 14, 2001.

I'm 15 too with a 12.5 HP engine with the shaft running down, How do I hook up the drive to a go-kart? I've heard about using the Gear Box from the Lawn Mower but I looked and it is connected to the axel. Is there anyway I can still use it? It's connected to a good pair of wheels but the whole thing is really skinny..I want mine a little wider. Please Help.

-- Danny Hale (danny_hale3386@hotmail.com), November 27, 2001.

alright i will try to explain it but if i cant i will tell you a website that explains it all it has plans how to connect your drive and all but the way i plan to do it is to take a centrifcul clutch with a pulley on it and putting it on my motor then mounting a bigger pulley on my axle and twisting a belt between the two the web site is kartbuilding.com me and a freind of mine are also wondering how hard is it and how well does it work to attach two motors to one go-cart???

-- dont you wish you knew (redman_30_06@hotmail.com), January 01, 2002.

i made one out of a tiller. it has 20 hoarse power and is about as big as a lawn mower. im 12 and didn't even need my dads help, hot like he would give it to me. but the tiller already has a built in sxle i just took off the blades and put on some fatty tires i found in a junkyard one day and then attached it to the frame. i put my bike speedometer on and we got it up to 54 mph! pretty cool huh?

-- Aaron Reeder (reeder1986@yahoo.com), February 14, 2002.

Im 15 too and i have built a go kart with my mate... Just to let you all know something that is pretty valuable when building a kart.. my go kart runs on a 2.5hp 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton engine and this is more than enough, power and speed wise. I have got up to a frightening 58mph at top speed. Though mine works a little different to the rest of yours.. if you have ever heard of a 'GO-Quad' built by the miniscooter people, their go-kart works by the engine drive shaft rubbing on the wheel(extremely and surprisingly effective) this means no gears, belts, chains etc. Few problems with this is that when you want to come to a complete stop you have to cut the engine and when getting off again you have to be pushed to get the engine going.. but apart from that it is very powerful and speedy. If you wanna know more, emmail me.

-- Andy (sum42_42@hotmail.com), April 02, 2002.

I am 16 and also a Auto Mechanic, I know alot about Engines and so forth. Me and my grandpa are building a Go-Kart from completely scratch. Were getting a free 10 HP Engine from a friend. From there we will be going to Junkyards and getting wheels off of small cars and maby a front axle if it will fit, even to get more advance i was planning to build a Super-Kart, with a 112 HP L4 from a old honda. Hopefully we'll get there. If you have any questions please E-Mail me and i will help you out.

-- Andrew (aquasport7@juno.com), April 27, 2002.

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-- wood (ted@gfd.com), April 28, 2002.

Lawnmower engines ard junk. use a real engine like a motor bike or a skidoo .dont be so cheap,you could save up your money and buy a tecumshe for 300 10 horsepower. fuck the lawnmower shit. OH,by the way i am building a go cart too .im useing a motor bike motor.

-- ed co (hft@abc.com), April 28, 2002.

sorry the last 4 sugestions at the bottom of the page are fake . sorry i really was tring to help but i dont have a e mail adress so i made 3 up.

-- hfhfggfhgfhgfh (hft@abc.com), April 28, 2002.

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Uh... I'm trying to do the same here except i wanna go kart with a dirt bike engine. I already have the engine. Was wondering if anyone knew of a website where people hook dirtbike engines to go karts just so i can look at an example. I think it'll be pretty sweet because it has a 5 speed transmisson. A summer project.

-- Joe Larson (joelarson55@hotmail.com), May 08, 2002.

Put a fluid clutch on it so you can strat it easly

-- Jeff Willson (roagrand@aol.com), May 09, 2002.

im 11 years old and i want to build a go-cart. i dont know anything about it and my only experience is riding them at the batting cages. if anybody can tell me anything i wouuld appreciate it.

-- john klett (thekletts@hotmail.com), May 12, 2002.

Well I am sixteen and I have a 15 horse motor off of a cub cadet mower, It is horizontal shaft but it is to big for a centrifical clutch. To solve this i took a torque converter off my dads snow mobile. But it has a straight shaft and my motor has a tapered one. Does anybody know where I could get a clutch for that size of a motor. Also if you have a set of plans with front and rear suspension or know where I could get some that would be nice. I think I am going to have to weld an entirely new frame for this beast. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

-- Ryne Porno (RyRobPer86@hotmail.com), May 12, 2002.

how to build a go-cart

-- Arion Calloway (maddrubberus@yahoo.com), May 13, 2002.

Can someone send me plans on how to make a Go-kart out of this 4hp lawn mower I have all the parts al I nead is the plans. send them now

-- Matt (M15keeper@aol.com), May 19, 2002.

Hey i was wondering if you can just turn a vert shaft engine on its side??

-- Christopher Bilello (gewizkid@aol.com), May 20, 2002.

I was thinking about the side thing too, only problem is, the gas tank. it wasnt meant to be sideway so fuel could leak or the drain may be on the bottom so u can only utilize a half tank of gas. i have an old lawnmower and my dad wants to throw it away but its just sittin there calling for me to build something with it so im gonna try.

-- Me (drguitarum2005@houston.rr.com), May 20, 2002.

I'm 15 and me and my friend want to build a go kart preferably with parts that we don't have to pay for if anyone has plans please send them to me.

-- Evan (laxgoalie86@aol.com), May 21, 2002.

I was wondering if you can turn a non-vertical lawn mower engine on its side? And if so how? Email me at biggyd13@yahoo.com for an answer i would very much appreciate it!

-- Michael (biggyd13@yahoo.com), May 24, 2002.

I'm gonna be building a kart from scratch this summer using a motorbike engine clutch etc, i know what i need to do and how to do it, the only problem im having is finding wheels. They need to be chunky off road types, but i cant find them anywhere, i dont have much of a budget so they need to be cheap. If anyone can help id be grateful, cheers. Any questions, feel free to ask.

-- Nick H (nick22_9@hotmail.com), May 27, 2002.

My name is Bishop. I have been looking for the plans to a Go-Kart or Dune Buggy for some time. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be willing to send me some information or blue prints. Thank You.

-- Bishop Tekk (nexus_240@hotmail.com), May 27, 2002.

Im also 15 and im lazy. If anybody is selling a cart send me an E- mail at Kambyknicks233@aol.com

-- Marcus (kambyknicks233@aol.com), May 27, 2002.

I am 14 and building my first go cart! ive got a frame and an engine already but i cant figure how 2 put it on or controll the speed or EVEN BRAKE!!! i found the body in a field. its a old but still very good rider mower bottom. it is complete with axles and the back gear to push the back weels. it has steering already and a seat 2. The engine is a 4.5 lawn mower engine but i can get a 20.5 moto-cross bike engien 4 cheap from my neighbor((running in "mint" condition)) If someone could give me directions on how to install the engine, control speed and breaking, and can tell me how 2 use a welder 4 my roll bar PLEASE RESPoND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Ash Kyle (Dagorhirash@aol.com), June 01, 2002.

i am building a go-kart and i have a staderd pedal go kart i have a small moto bike engine and i need to fit it any on have any plans on and go kart frames and i wil be greatfull

-- brendan morgan (the_1506@hotmail.com), June 04, 2002.

i was about 12 when i first built my go-cart, it was incredibly simple and you had to push it to make it go, it was though incredibly heavy, leather seat and all. but when i was a little older i found an old lawnmower in the tip, i brought it home and did it up and it now runs quite well, i built a wooden frame around the engine(i do not have the means or ways to weld yet) and spent a day knocking off the blades on the axle with a hammer for somewhere to mount my wheels, i decided to keep the whole lawnmower part and just attatch it to the back of my old go-cart (as it had all of the bearings intact etc), i kept on updating it but did not dare to try it for fear off Disapointment, howeve two years passed and as i learned more about gear ratios i realised that a 2 to one gear ration and a centrifugal clutch were probably never going to get it moving with me on it, a couple of weeks ago i tried it and i was right the clutch just spinned round and created an enourmous amount of heat but not much else. My engine is a horizontal one and i am now looking for something else to build, any deas would be greatly appriciated so plz email me, also if you want any tips etc please contact me cause i hope you can build upon my mistakes. happy building STE

-- ste da best (s_adshead2020@hotmail.com), June 04, 2002.

the body i got is great! i found that it was a race mower once.lol. the motocross engine is...wow...really fast! i just have one problem left. how top stop it and how to controll speed. my negihbot welded 4 me

-- ash kyle (Dagorhirash@aol.com), June 05, 2002.

I am 15 years old and i want ot build a Go Kart i have no experiance at all, I don't have any parts yet and i was wondering if anybody could tell me a good motor to use, it has to be cheap, but doesn't have to have to much power.

-- Lee N (lee@pizzahut27.freeserve.co.uk), June 08, 2002.

I'm building a sort of go-kart from a mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s I'm 11 but my dad is helping

-- Louis weinzweig (pierre.weinzweig@blueyonder.co.uk), June 10, 2002.

okkkkk first of all you totally dumb if you think you can build a go cart with a lawn mower engin, it will NOT work. reason, there is no clutch at alllll. try using a rototiller engin , they have more power and a pully/ belt clutch sytem built in.

-- matt brown (dragonballz@hotmail.com), June 10, 2002.

Hey, I'm 15 and my friends and I were thinkin of building a few go karts, and a track. I think it would be a better idea to try to pick up some of the karts from a go kart place that's going out of business or upgrading karts. When you go and make an offer to buy 4- 5 off of them, I'm sure we could get a good deal. I'm one of those people who like to build stuff too and see the progress, but I think here it might end up driving and looking like crap... what does any1 think?

-- Joe (hey2fast4u@aol.com), June 11, 2002.

If any one knows how to put a clutch on the lawnmower please E-mail me

-- Willie (willie_13@msn.com), June 13, 2002.

i am building one too so good luck i have a tractor chassis and a 16 horsepower motor and it should be alot of fun

-- justin gooding (cadetkid19@hotmail.com), June 14, 2002.

I am 16 also, my advice is use a snowmobile engine. It is way better. I took one off of a Polaris Indy. It was 500cc engine. They are the best because the have the clutch, carboreutor, throttle, and belt all built in to the engine. All you have to do is find a way to stop it, mount the engine to a frame, and hook up the belt, and a gas tank. Oh, by the way the kart is goin to have to be big and u gotta make sure u space out the wieght because the kart might wanna tip backwards (or towards wherever you decide to mount the engine. This makes ur go kart go about 85 mph, and you can pull burners until your tires blow out! Have fun, any questions email me.

-- (android86@cox.net), June 15, 2002.

hi i'm 15 and i was wondering if anyone could give me ideas, plans or helpful hints because i want to build a sweet as go kart that will kick ass so if you got any info email me thanks

-- (SIMSY_1@MSN.COM), June 18, 2002.

Im just about to turn 15 and im pretty tall, and need to know how to build a go-kart from scratch. If there is anyone with a free or cheap engine 6-12hp(perferobly someone that lives in michigan). ThAnX, Justin

-- Justin J. Semrau (dksemrau@prodigy.net), June 18, 2002.

could somone please email me plans on how to build a go-kart from a lawnmower engine and also learn how to spell!

-- satan (bogusjourney@aol.com), June 19, 2002.

i was wondering what cheap material i can use for the frame and where can i get it?

-- asdf (eva_pilot_tim_0630@evangelion.com), June 19, 2002.

I am 14 and building a kart. For the frame i used my dads old tailgate from a chevy. I have a 5 hp tiller engine with horizontal shaft and a smaller back up shaft. I bought my tire from http://www.northertool.com and got some ideas for my kart from http://www.kartbuilding.com. I am building by myself and havent used the welder yet. My biggest problems so far are stearing and braking. If anybody wants to talk w/ me about karts EMAIL ME!!!

-- Zach Huble (z_hublea@hotmail.com), June 20, 2002.

I am 14 and want to build a go kart, i already have a 4.5hp lawnmower engine but don't know where to start or get the materials from, HELP!

-- joni (jprcohen@aol.com), June 22, 2002.

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Hey I'm 16 and myself and a buddy of mine have built one gokart and are working on a second. You can see them here.

And to the rest of you guys, fuck off, this post is a good place for people to post there questions and ideas about gokarts, no about their desire to fuck themselves.

-- Greg (ranger16_@hotmail.com), June 29, 2002.

Yo... guys 15... humm where can i find a mini clutch... with maybe a transmition... that be awsome...

-- Marius (m_petrauskas@hotmail.com), July 01, 2002.

can anyone send me any plans what-so-ever on how to build a go- cart...i dont have anyparts but i have plenty of money and i would like to gain some knowledge on engines and shit...so just send me some plans please thanks

-- C Delve (redmeth85@aol.com), July 02, 2002.

can anyone send me any plans what-so-ever on how to build a go- cart...i dont have anyparts but i have plenty of money and i would like to gain some knowledge on engines and shit....so just send me some plans please thanks

-- C Delve (redmeth85@aol.com), July 02, 2002.

I'm 15 and i need some plans on how to build a go-cart out of scrath, so if anyone can help me please send the plans, blueprints, or a step- by-step list on how to make one.! Thanks

-- N. G. (nrgarcia@prodigy.net), July 04, 2002.

I am only 11 bu i have a frame but no engine i need a used 5 hp engine. probably under $100 with a clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Michael Campbell (cool_hot_rod@yahoo.com), July 05, 2002.

I am 12 yearsold and i need some help building my off road go kart, since verical shaft engines are cheeper can you stick on a go kart and still make the wheels turn

-- Matt (teammatt3@hotmail.com), July 06, 2002.


Thank you. Somebody just had to say that.

BTW, I'm building a cart too, not for speed or fun, but to see how everything works so that I can build a better one next time.

-- Tony (none@none.com), July 07, 2002.

Hi, we're are both 15 years of age and we want to build a go-kart but know NOTHING about building it!!! Can someone please give us a site that gives us easy-to-read go-kart plans at a low cost.

-Andrew and GM

-- Andrew and GM (gm@hotmail.com), July 10, 2002.

I have a go cart frame for sale if any one wants to buy it. Has the whole steering mechanism and only needs the rear axle, sprockets, wheels, and axle bearings. Email me if you would like to buy it. i live in montgomery county NY

-- Zach Huble (z_hublea@hotmail.com), July 11, 2002.

Ireally need to build a mini car or go kart if anyone has free plans i would love that, or just can email me a tutorial i really need it

-- Blaine (NoName422@hotmail.com), July 12, 2002.

i wanto know how to make a go kart with a lawn mower engine i was going to use a tiller engine but it didn't work so i decided to use the only on that works but how do i get the axle to spin when the shaft is sping horizontily if anyone can tell me how please email me thanks

-- Brian (latcat1987@aol.com), July 12, 2002.

can anyone please send me some plans for a go kart with a lawmower engine please??? Thanks

-- unknown person (puma_poo98@yahoo.com), July 14, 2002.

You never want to turn a four-cycle vertical shaft engine on it's side. The lubrication system is designed only to run in a certain position. If you run a vertical engine on it's side, it would cause a lot of problems. The engine could start burning oil, internal parts might stop being lubricated, and the engine will be damaged. The best way to use this kind of engine in a go-kart is to find a 90 degree direct-drive gearbox. The best place to look for these is in larger snow-blowers. Those have a lot of great parts to use.

-- (Shwagg_79@yahoo.com), July 14, 2002.

hi im 11 and i want to build a go kart that goes up to 5 hp and we dont have no parts or notin

-- tyler bentzin (tkbentzin91@msn.com), July 14, 2002.

the easiest way to do that is to get a riding mower transaxle/hydrodrive and run a belt from the engine. for good speed you can put a big (8-12") pulley on the engine and a small (2-4") one on the transaxle, should go fast...

anyone know why my go-kart's engine suddenly just quit working right? got like halfway up the hill and its get up and go, got up and went, then the engine died, it's not siezed, but i can't get it to sound right or even hold an idle... i put in another ignition system and that improved it, but it's just not working. i'm thinking valve problem, that engine has always had a bent valve so it might have reseated wrong, but the compression is fine.

-- Osiris (hyperion@charter.net), July 19, 2002.

if anyone has questions on construction of the frame or the drive system for a go-kart, just ask, i built mine about 2 years ago. still have a buttload of spare parts including a 3.5hp briggs horizontal shaft for sale, has 20 minutes on it since rebuild. (should throw that on my go-kart until i work the blasted bug out of the current engine..)

-- Osiris (hyperion@charter.net), July 19, 2002.

first of all with the vertical axle in your engin just go to a small engin shop ans get a 90 degree gear box.4.5hp should be plenty for just driving around. u will need to get a clutch to fit your motor. wen u get that gear box and clutch on u got to deside r u going to use drivshaft chain or pullys to conect your axle the your engine. if u still need plans i go to different ones a easy set and a more difficult set email me and ill send them to u.

-- phil micrackin (goswellmike@hotmail.com), July 20, 2002.

Yeah but won't the filet valve casing round off the harris fitting?

I dunno for certain about this but it just looks like there isn't enough clearance to get the washers past the keyseat.

-- Lost my puppy. (raycharles@theback.door), July 21, 2002.

you should go looking around on google or msn and find the type of go kart you want to make and make it and for the vert engine just get a vert gear box and put a clutch on your engine and a way you go.

-- Ryan Rasmussen (The_ladies_man6@hotmail.com), July 22, 2002.

Hi I am 12 and am trying to make a go-kart with an old Yamaha 80cc dirt bike engine with a left side chain drive and I need some plans for a frame and steering + brakes and dirve train. If you have any info on this please phone me at (250)365-8426 thanks!

-- Scott Drew (foo@bar.com), July 22, 2002.

hi im 18 and into building things and my moms boyfriend told me building a go kart is lots of fun and they are quick i would like to know if some one can send me plans that are real easy and cheap "cost whise" to build a kart cause i have no 1 to help me. im going to use a fast engin my moms boyfriend is going to buy it for oh yeah what would be a fast engin ? well i would like to hear from some one please thanks for you time oh e-mail at sexymexi003@aol.com

-- mike (sexymexi003@aol.com), July 23, 2002.

im 16 and i built a go kart from scratch and it is aupercharged with header pipe. It goes 120 mph. By the way all u dumb people who want u use a down shaft engine and a lawnmower tranny it will go about 5mph but at least u can pull ur buddies to the racetrack. I used a 5hp briggs engine (horizontal Shaft) hooked up to a stripped down riding lawn mower frame. I wil answer any questoins from anyone who dosnt know as much as me about go karts or small engines. Just post ur questions

-- greg (mrhappy94@hotmail.com), July 23, 2002.

Me and my friends are trying to build a go cart from an old 5.0 hp lawnmower engine,and we can get ahold of just about anything and we would like it if we could get some instructions, for any kind of engine please help we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

-- Connor Webster (connorw88@hotmail.com), July 24, 2002.

If anyone has free offroad go-kart plans, send them to me please.

-- Clinton Buchanan (cb5750@wasatch.k12.ut.us), July 25, 2002.

Hi guys , I'm 14 and wanted to make a kart this summer but coulnt,gonna have to wait till later.i found a website www.kartbuilding.com,the wooden kart plans(which is the kart I want to build) on the site arent completed but the rest should suit some of you dudes. .Oh yeh, if anyone finds anything on free minibike plans (no welding) let me know, thanks eoin.

-- Eoin Kirwan (eoinkirwan88@hotmail.com), July 26, 2002.

can someone send me easy to build go-kart plans, because I don't have any experiance at all and can I get a site on low price small engines please.


-- Clinton (cb5750@wasatch.k12.ut.us), July 27, 2002.

i am 16 and i am looking for some Go-Kart plains so that i can make a Go-Kart that will beat my brothers Go-Kart wich he paid alot of money for.

Thanks! Brad

-- brad (ripstar-70@hotmail.com), July 28, 2002.

could some one please send me plans for a chunky go-kart.

-- (new_zealander01@hotmail.com), July 28, 2002.

hey! my name is justin. I am 13. I am trying to build a go-kart out of a 3.5 hp lawnmower engine. :) I am having trouble thinking of a solution to get the vertical shaft from the lawnmower to the horizontal axle. Can you please send me any planz or tell me advice of how i can do it and please also tell me how much it costs..thank you!!!:)


-- Justin (lilpnoybboy98@asianavenue.com), July 30, 2002.

I am 15 and I want to build a Go-Kart too!I have a 3,5 HP motor, but I have no plans of a Frame?!?!?Please can someone send me a plan of a Go-Kart!!! Thanks!

-- Marc Walser (walsermarc@hotmail.com), July 30, 2002.

www.kartbuilding.com, guys its a really good site!!!!!!!!!!

-- I dont know (eoinkirwan88@hotmail.com), July 30, 2002.

I have a complete Go cart Frame for sale its at http://www.geocities.com/gcartfreek.html. hope you check it out.

-- Zach Huble (zaqhub@hotmail.com), July 31, 2002.

I'm the man to answer all your questions. Clutch or neutral gear 3 puleys and a rubber belt. Attach one pulley to your horizontal drive shaft from your motor then attach another to your axel but make sure your rubber belt is farely loose around the pulleys so if you were to start your engine the go kart wouldn't move. then you attach the last pulley to a lever at about the middle of the belt. so when you press down on the lever the belt will tighten and the kart will move. Suspension Away to make a full suspension for your go kart is by looking at the suspension on nitro remote control cars like Traxxas Tmaxx. With forked arms on springs. Horizontal motor shaft changing If you take a flat rubber belt ( can be bought at your local mechanics) And twist it into a figure 8, wrap one end of the loop around your motor shaft and the other loop and your axel. But make sure your belt is farely long. You can also fit a small rubber wheel on your vertical motor shaft and make it rub against your wheel which is propelling your kart. Gears You can easily put bike gears on your horizontal drive shaft and your axel. But this method is dangerous because bike gears aren't really made for high speeds. Berrings Berrings are a very important part of any vehicle. they are easily made with a ring of strong wood that fits around your axel, then grease that ring , then weld two washers on each side of the wood ring. Then attach the wood ring to your frame. Brakes If you can find the brakes off a motor bike use them. Unless you can attach a large metal disk close to your wheel then use bicycle brakes and attach the to your frame then place then so they can grip the metal disk or instead just leave the bike brakes just like they are on a bicycle.

A last few words of advice: Wear a crash helmet and gear if your go kart goes faster than 15 mph

-- Stuart (katoyello@yahoo.ca), August 01, 2002.

Message to everyone who wants to turn a lawnmower engine on it's side! Yes, it is possible, but you need a bigger gas tank. A big container would work quite nicely. You can buy a plastic shoe box at a cheap store. Very important instructions here, so pay attention! First, get a pop bottle and cut the lid thing off. Next, cut a circle slightly smaller than the lid thing and super glue or hot glue gun the lid thing on. The last thing is, glue around the edge of the lid and Presto!!!!!

-- mike (michaell12@hotmail.com), August 01, 2002.

ok ive got a riding mower sittin in my yard all parts are for me to use but the engine is fried and i wanna custom make the body i have a arc and gas welder but money is low like $200 is it possible to make the kart with that amount of money ive got connections but its gotta be off-road capable. an i know its pretty slim chance but any plans for a off-road go kart at a cheap price would satisfy me.

-- jim (jimmyc24@hotmail.com), August 01, 2002.

I'm 14 and i really want to build a go-cart with a lawnmower engine i have but i'm not sure how to build it. if anyone knows how to build one from a lawnmower engine, please email me. Thanks.

-- Shawn Cammy (dx8812@aol.com), August 01, 2002.

Hi. I'm 14 and i want to build a go-cart from a lawnmower engine but i'm not sur how to do it. If anyone knows how, please email me. Thanks

-- Shawn Cammy (dx8812@aol.om), August 01, 2002.

Me and my cousins already have a 35 HP ski-doo engine in our 2 seater off road suspension go-kart.we built the frame out of thick aluminum.Also we used the steering from a ski-doo. The engine is 35 horsepower not a baby engine like yours and NOT A 3.5 A 35.We found the engine in a junkpile and all it needed was new rings and a new spark plugs.So you could find one too.

-- Scott Lanferd (mcnuggets_2001@hotmail.com), August 02, 2002.

To build the frame on a lawn mower go kart is quite simple all you need is a welder, some scrap metal piping from a junk yard and a little bit of thinking. Search for "homemade go kart" on your search engine and look at the frames other people have built and copy their design or form your own ideas. But if you don't have a welder you can make your frame out of wood. If you put a 2 by 4 of it's side so the 2" side is facing upwards, it will much stronger and will bend less on it's side!

-- Stuart (katoyello@yahoo.ca), August 02, 2002.

Does anyone have a go kart with at least a 10 hp engine on it and in good condition in maryland. if u do and are in terested in selling please let me know.

-- john (MOTlVES@aol.com), August 03, 2002.

Has anyone got free plans for a Minibike or know a site that does. it cant include welding!

-- Eoin Kirwan (eoinkirwan88@hotmail.com), August 04, 2002.

hey im fifteen too i have this v-4 swather engine and alot of aluminum hollow poles im using for a frame, and i was just gonna suggest if you just directly hook the engine to the rear axel as soon as you start it its gonna start going and the only way your going to stop is crash and shut off the engine so you want to maybe look around for a centrifugal clutch system so it works like the clutch wont engage until it reaches a certain rpm higher than idle. and if you want to hook the lawnmower engine to the rear axle you can just turn it sideways it doesnt make any difference(but you might leak oil) and bolt it to the frame on a solid sheet of metal and weld it to the frame. for the engine to axel sprocket ratio to make it go faster you should have a large sprocket on the engine crankshaft and a smaller one on the rear axel well thats all i have to say you can email me for questions if you want to!! l8ter!

-- Brett Ninnie (bretzky911@hotmail.com), August 04, 2002.

hi im 13 and im wondering how to build a simple go-kart that doesnt include welding. i havbe no experience buildiong one although i am an expert driver. i need to know how to build a simple one.... please help me!!

-- mike giamou (dark_shadow_man_10@hotmail.com), August 11, 2002.

Hi im 13 years old and i want to build a simple go kart from a old lawnmower engine can anyone pleae email me on telling me how to connect the vertical crank shaft to the rear axle thanks michael

-- michael (shmickmick@hotmail.com), August 12, 2002.

hey my name is sean and im am 13 and lokking into building a go cart this summer with my brother. we have all the parts but we need an engine. we want 8hp or more. so if anybody is looking into selling one then let me know. around 100$ to 200$. thanks

-- Sean mclean (Seaner7789@aol.com), August 12, 2002.

hey....me and my buddy wanna build a Kart using a 600cc bike motor, anyone got any plans or suggestions?...our other buddy is a certified welder and we have access to all the framing metals..we just need a plan......email me please....and yes i know...it'll have to be big, and it'll go like a bat outta hell ;) dats tha whole plan....P.S. we wanna make it all-wheel drive

-- Burnt Rubber (chemical_junky@hotmail.com), August 12, 2002.

i am 12 and me and my freinds wana build a go-kart if any one has tips or plans just let me know it doesn't have to be fast just around 20-30 mph if it can be faster that would be great well thanx

-- shawn (shawn9999@hotmail.com), August 12, 2002.

Hey I'm 12: my friend and I are going to build a GO-kart. We have a Honda 8.0 HP motor, it's pull start, and its a horizontal shaft engine. We are looking for info, tips, and plans so that we know what we need, and how to put it together. Thanx :) !!!!!

-- Mike (sefir.email@verizon.net), August 12, 2002.

you are all cheat buy 1 if u ant got the money to buy 1 do what all you do best suck dike for money

-- mike smith (iverson123@aol.com), August 14, 2002.

Hi,I'm 12 years old and I have an older 6.5 horsepower lawnmower engine and about $200-$300 dollars to spend. If you could send me plans on how to build a go-kart with no welding that would be great. Thank you, Ben

-- Ben M. (smartypants704@aol.com), August 14, 2002.

im 15 andi am not building a go-kart coz im from england ,liverpool and there is no place 2 ride one but i am thinking of putting an engine on my bike or i might just go ahead with the go-kart, does any 1 have any sugestions on the bike and what is a centerfugle cluch and were could i get 1? email me plz

-- alex (cheekyalex@hotmail.con), August 15, 2002.

If anyone has plans on how to build a go kart with a lawnmower engine PLEASE send them to me or tell me where i can get them.It doestn matter if they are for a push or a riding lawnmower.Thanx

-- Shawn (Adleabbass@aol.com), August 16, 2002.

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-- dirack r randolth (yellow231@aol.com), August 16, 2002.

i just but up some plans on how to bulid everytype of go kart well most of them all you have to do is press Ctrl + F4

-- you"re all dumd shits (fuckallofyou@hahaha.com), August 16, 2002.

I also have a 140 hp engine (and extra Civic DX engine and i too am planning on making a go kart.

-- Amin (MFLeague@hotmail.com), August 17, 2002.

you guys are going blow up cause if you turn an engine so that the gas leaks it can ignited by a loose spark plug

-- james ? (super_cool_guy_10@hotmail.com), August 18, 2002.

yea i wanna build a go kart i got the engine its from a cobra gas scooter is it possible to be put on a go kart n if so some1 tell me how to put it on

-- matt seaver (holla87m@hotmail.com), August 20, 2002.

hey, im 14 years old and i wanna build a go kart. iv got the lawn mower engine but i dont know what to do and how to hook it up if u know plz email me.

-- ben dover (swilly01@hotmail.com), August 21, 2002.

u build it, then u start to ride it , duh:)

-- christopher lloyd (medina_ec@yahoo.com), August 24, 2002.

hi i'm 14,i think you need a tractor axle with a gear box on it, because most tractor axles have belt pullies going left and right. but on my go kart i have a yamaha 250cc 4 speed witch the best and fastest engine i've ever had on a go kart. the sproket on motorcycle engines is up and down and if u got on you wouldn't even have that problem

-- seth (subluver20002@yahoo.com), August 25, 2002.

sorry my email is subluver2000@yahoo.com

-- Seth (subluver2000@yahoo.com), August 25, 2002.

YA ive got a mini dune buggy with a KX250 motor on it, it does 0-100 in 5 seconds now thats wat u should build just takes some time to make it but once its done it hauls ASS!! i got 20 inch tires on the back and 16 1/2 in the front :P and 2 wheel peel :D

-- Nick (ddr_bot@hotmail.com), August 28, 2002.

All you lam asses that are talking shit you guys were probaly sucking you mommas tits still when you were 12-15 all these kids that want to make gocarts you guys rule

-- (dcbintz@aol.com), August 29, 2002.

I'm 15 and I want to build a kart I've got all the materials but i don't quit know how to get started, if anyone hes plans from a kart would you please send them to me ??? e-mail= Fabianbonte@hotmail.com

THX !!!

-- Fabian Bonte (Fabianbonte@hotmail.com), September 05, 2002.

I'm also 15 and am building a go cart useing a VW motor i pulled out of a shaggin waggin. My first go cart i used a motercycle engine. Its perfect for the job, it has high horsepower, it has a transmition, and it has a chain and two sprokets to use. Also since it is a motor cycle engine you can hot rod it with after market parts. My advise is junk the vertical shaft engine and buy a horizotal shaft engine. The money you spent on it will be worth the agrivation and you will have you cart out faster. And horizotal shaft engines are more forgiving.

-- Steve (Funnyguy387@aol.com), September 06, 2002.

I'm 13 and I am planing to build a go-kart. I have a 3.5hp lawn mower engine and am planning to use a sit on mower trans and rear axel for the drive train but i need help with the stearing. Will aluminim tubing be good enough for the chaisi. ps my dad won't help he's not good at this stuff

-- Josh (gundam_sandrock22@hotmail.com), September 15, 2002.

hello im 15 and i want to build a go kart could some please e-mail me complete directions on how to build it and an estimate of how much it will cost me. if you have any answers please e-mail me at nevets_05@hotmail.com

-- steven (nevets_05@hotmail.com), September 16, 2002.

i really want to build a go kart, i have a lawnmower engine. i want to know how to connect the wheels so that they move.

-- antonio (silverwolf_35@hotmail.com), September 24, 2002.

I'm going to put a Yamaha DT500 engine in a dingo fun kart. (yes/no?)

-- barney (tcoles@globalnet.co.uk), September 24, 2002.

I am getting ready to build a Go - Kart with my 10 and 13 year old boys and came across this cool website during my perfect frame to find search. In this site I come across several article's with respect to your ideas on building a go kart that should minimize uncostly errors being a first time builder!

However I am still looking for a rolling frame thats ready to except a 5-HP Briggs. Can anybody out there help in any way??? My two sons are very anxious! Does anybody have free plans and/or documentation that you could email me? Sincerely,

joe tee

-- joe tee (joetee@hotmail.com), September 25, 2002.

I am getting ready to build a Go - Kart with my 10 and 13 year old boys and came across this cool website during my perfect frame to find search. In this site I come across several article's with respect to your ideas on building a go kart that should minimize $uncostly errors being a first time builder!

However I am still looking for a rolling frame thats ready to except a 5-HP Briggs. Can anybody out there help in any way??? My two sons are very anxious! Does anybody have free plans and/or documentation that you could email me? Sincerely,

joe tee

-- joe tee (joetee@hotmail.com), September 25, 2002.

My name is Bill Wallender. I have been building go karts for over twenty years. You can go to http://www.wallenderengineering.com to see my latest Kart, and get plans for it. If you have questions on anything to do with karts, feel free to email me.

-- Bill Wallender (boardquestions@wallenders.com), September 25, 2002.

please send some plans for a go kart, plz neone send some plans to my email. PLEASE im desperate

-- jhon fruiscante (silverwolf_35@hotmail.com), September 26, 2002.

I'm a small engine mechanic and I just changed the pullys on a stripped down craftsman/ayp mower. It'll hit around 25mph and I could adjust the ratio a couple more inches... If you're going to use a Briggs,Tec,Honda,ect engine make sure its a horizontal shaft engine (the shaft comes out of the side of the engine). They have a heavy flywheel suited for your needs, while a vert. shaft has a aluminium one and uses the blade to compinsate. Try to use one with a diaphram carb, float carbs have problems when they get tossed around.

-- Jim BeQuette (c7925@hotmail.com), September 28, 2002.

hey im 13 and im building a go cart too. i want front and rear suspension and i was wondering how i rig up the rear suspension? the front i understand a bit but a little help on that would ne great.

-- tyler deann (bob_mikbob@hotmail.com), September 28, 2002.


-- Patrick (Patrick_g46@hotmail.com), October 01, 2002.

hey, im 14 and tring to build a go kart. if anybody has any oplans or helpful info email me. riderburton@hotmail.com thanx

-- ryan (riderburton@hotmail.com), October 01, 2002.

If any of you need parts for Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh I can get them pretty cheap.... E-Mail me if you need anything..

-- Jim BeQuette (c7925@hotmail.com), October 02, 2002.

hi. my friend and i are planning to make a go-kart, it's just for some fun. So if somebody has some Go-Kart plans could they please send them to my address. VERY VERY simple blueprints, nothing that will cost to much.


-- Cro (croat__69@hotmail.com), October 03, 2002.

I'm 14 and want to make a really cheap GO KART but i don't have any plans to make one.So if any one can help me email me.

-- joy (bmxingjokr@netscape.net), October 03, 2002.

Hey if you want to build a go kart than you should chek this web site.http://www.kartline.com/gokarts-usa/1aaalist/kartmfg/listfun.htm

-- Wajid Ali (Cobra00doodh@yahoo.com), October 04, 2002.

i got a 55 mph gocart i built it wit my dad it has crome weels boomin stereo system i put a bottle of nos on it i got chased bye the cops but they never caught me and my friends have races on the street at 12:00 pm

-- dan (crap@aol.com), October 04, 2002.

i got a 55 mph gocart i built it wit my dad it has crome weels boomin stereo system i put a bottle of nos on it i got chased bye the cops but they never caught me and my friends have races on the street at 12:00 pm u need all these things on ur gocart

-- dan (craphead@aol.com), October 04, 2002.

Hello can someone send me plans to make a go-kart.I hava already a 4hp lawn mower engin and a go kartbut gif me some tips!

send to colorblind_911@hotmail.com Thanx

-- Wannes (colorblind_911@hotmail.com), October 10, 2002.

AA go to northerntools.com and and buy gocart manual it will show you everything including wels,bracets and all sorts of stuff

-- Joseph (Jmg1964@cs.com), October 10, 2002.

hey i m 13 and i got a go cart that i made i can get it up to 150 mph what u need to do is get a egin briggs and straton pefered and reset the govener so you can go a lil faster and what i did was i took off the brakes and i learned how to stop wit out them then when u r done doing that take the govener all the way off and then 150 mph here u come

-- kevin wayne isaac (burningonice@hotmail.com), October 10, 2002.

To all you despret peoples out there for some plans go to


-- Who cares? (sexyone0002001@toast.com), October 10, 2002.

-- hrml j mp (hrml@hrml.com), October 12, 2002.

-- hrml johnson (hrml@hrml.com), October 12, 2002.

Dudes, here's a free site with published plans. If you are too fuckin cheap to pay 13.95 for a set of plans there is no way you are gonna build a go-kart. anyways here...

http://www.mfgsupply.com/GoMiniChassisGoKartParts.html/mv_session_id=b UXcSKIg&startRow=25

go to "view assembly instruction booklet online"


-- Ryan (dontemail@me.com), October 23, 2002.

OK, I'm gonna help a lot of you out here by telling you how to get a lawnmower engine with a vertical shaft running a horizontal axle. There are different ways, but this is the easiest. It's called belt and pulley drive. Firstly, you will need 2 pulleys, one small and one large, and a drive belt. If any of you don't know, pulleys are round things that the belts fit on to. Again, in case you don't know, the belt is what runs from the engine to the axle.

You want to get good V belt(s). Try and get a good meter of bet between engine and axle, but if you don't have that space, then just use as much as you can. If I was you, I'd get plenty spare, because they tend to wear down easily. You'll need the smallest pulley you can get for the engine, and then one about 5 times the size of that for the axle. Try and get metal, as you will then be able to weld the pulleys straight on. Make sure you get the right diamaters.

Now you have to weld (or firmly secure) the small pulley to the shaft of the engine. Get it right on the end. After that you have to mount the larger one on the axle. Get it slap bang in the middle.

Once both pulleys are on, you have to fit the belt. The belt is going to have to be twisted 90 degrees, which is perfectly normal.

After you've done this, you're pretty much set. I could leave you here, but I thought I'd be kind and answer another question that a lot of you seem to be asking. Controlling the speed.

This really is easy as pie. You just need a throttle system. If any of you have looked at the engine lawnmowers, you'll have probably seen that they have a handle of some sort? Maybe a bar across or just aa lever? That's the throttle. It works in the same way as the accelerator pedal on a car. Basicly, it pulls a wire connected a flap on the engine, which then opens to let air in. The more you press, the more air gets in, the faster you go. Lawnmowers have the same system. Basicly you take the wire from the throttle and pull. So you can just attach that wire to a pedal or lever, or whatever you want, and you have a throttle. All done! Hope this has helped you!

A little note. Lots of people on this board have being saying that lawnmower engines are crap cos theres no clutch and all that, but really it don't matter! If you've got a throttle, then you just keep it at what ever speed you want. No need for a clutch. Also people say they're too weak, but they're just fine. I'm guessing most of you are using metal frames. These are very light and don't need much to power them, so a lawnmower engine is ample, especially seen as most of you aren't really going to be racing in national comps or anything. :)

---BladeZer0 Out---

-- BladeZer0 (dj_fliksta@hotmail.com), October 28, 2002.

I'm back. Just came to give y'all a link to a pic I made to show what I'm on about. You can see it here.

Hope it helps!

-- BladeZer0 (dj_fliksta@hotmail.com), October 28, 2002.


-- []D[]/\/\[]D (arnoxexticy@mail.com), October 28, 2002.

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-- OJ Ambrose (dj_fliksta@hotmail.com), October 30, 2002.

I've built a go-cart over the past 2 summers. It has a hotted-up engine putting out over 8hp, driven at a ratio of 4:1, giving it incredible acelleration up to its top speed of 31mph. It cost close to nothing to build, apart from $40 for the wheels and engine. If you want pictures / blueprints, ask me and I might consider.

-- Itchywool Pants (crazy_noodle_hut@hotmail.com), November 11, 2002.

PS BladezerO, you need to chill out. By getting a response out of you, you have effectively given them exacly what they came for. Who even cares?

-- Itchywool Pantes (crazy_noodle_hut@hotmail.com), November 11, 2002.

your posts on the greenspun site suprise me. if you look at the basic layout of a motor oil circulates throughout the motor. if you turned it on the side oil wouldn't flow and your engine would seize up. does that put an end to this frenzy! if you want to do this properly, get an old tractor, take the gears out and put the one on the axle, (up and down) and the other, (left and right) and make them run together. Finis.

-- mike- (all of you wh othink of turning an engine on its side are nuts) (michael_lockyer2002@yahoo.com), December 03, 2002.

i am 15 and i am in the process of building a go-kart and these are my suggestions 1. a horizontal shaft engine is far easier to work with than a vertical one, use a 2 stroke lawnmower as you can use these on the side because they don't have a sump. 2. you don't need plans, plans are only for serious go-karts that require alot of well, planning eg ones with swingarm suspenion. 3. y is it that you have a welder and don't know how to use it, ask the owner how to use it or your local mechanic. 4. a well thought out go-kart is great fun, a great investment and a great learnin tool, shit i'm soundin like my teachers. anyway hit me back just to chat MOTOR ace

-- MOTOR ace (the_doondock_saint@hotmail.com), December 04, 2002.

go to http://www.off-roadlife.vze.com

-- Zach Huble (z_hublea@hotmail.com), December 07, 2002.

hey I'm 15 and I wanna build a go kart with a 340cc snowmobile engine I don't know how to weld so could somebody either show me a site that teaches you to weld or a site where I can buy a frame please email me

-- Eric Kennedy (connermagius124@hotmail.com), December 07, 2002.

does any body know how to put a engine on a bike or scooter

-- Ron (bigguy200220022003@yahoo.com), December 08, 2002.

Im 15, First of all, it is possible to turn a vertical shaft engine on its side, but it will cost alot of money and its not worth it. A FREE site to get plans from is http://www.mxk.com/1ykplans/. If you need parts either go to www.northerntools.com or www.mfgsupply.com, they alos have kits and frames. One way of useing a vertical shaft engine is to use a belt and twist it to another pulley which is on a jackshaft. On the other side of the jackshaft should be a sprocket which will gook to a wheel. You can buy a cheap centrifugal clutch off of ebay or go to a supply store and buy one. The can cost anywhere from $40 to $20. If you have any questions email me.

-- chris (ckcrossan@nvc.net), December 29, 2002.

well aculy i want plans for an of road kart i'am thirteen and have already successfuly made a shed to keep all my stuff in

-- josh cooper (joshcooper69@hotmail.com), December 29, 2002.

Hey im 17 years old. Me and a couple buddies of mine have succesfully built a 4 wheel drive riding lawn mower with a 4 1/2 inch body lift. It may sound impossible but its not. Its been tested several times with several broken parts and a lot of runs to the hardware store. But we finally got it working in under a month. If anyone would like to see pictures of this you can email me and ill send you some. This lawn mower is quit amazing and fun as hell to ride. And if anyone would like to know how to do this email me and i can explain this in full detail.


-- Kevin Obrien (RMK161@cs.com), January 02, 2003.

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-- Isaac Hurley (billcosby001@hotmail.com), January 04, 2003.

Hey I have been thinkin of building a kart for a while. I want it to be powered by a motorbike engine so it can have different gears, but I dont know where I would get an engine and how to put everything together. I can get prettey much any type of metal and I have a welder. So if anyone has any Info thay could give me that would be a big help. Thanks, - Chris

-- Chris Schubkegel (crsbeboardin@hotmail.com), January 05, 2003.

I have an 8hp BRIGGS generator that I have decided to make into a go kart. I got the engine running today and am planning on removing the engine from the generator once I have a frame. I don't have any experience and I would appreciate any tips. I heard BRIGGS is a good engine and I think i need a centrifugal clutch for it. And I heard a belt is better than a chain, but I don't really understand what everyone is talking about. Anyone have any answers or know where i can get a frame?

-- Jesmany Jomarron (jesmany@juno.com), January 07, 2003.


Looking for GO KART PLANS? Look no further. we now have prints for a one seater, horizontal shaft,lightweight go kart we call the typhoon.these prints let you build the steering wheel to the rear end.ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

ONLY $4.00 cash only

mail to THE GO KART KINGS 803 kennal ave #13 Rensselaer in 47978 Don't forget to add your return address allow 1-3 week for delivery [us mail]

-- go kart kings (blackmajic9488@yahoo.com), January 27, 2003.

I am 13 years old. I am interested in building a nice go cart. I want atleast a 10hp engine. I am going to buy a frame that requirers no welding for 120. I know mostly what im doing and i already have a plan. If anyone could help me with suggestions or tell me where i can get cheap parts. thanx-

-- David deely (David_80@hotmail.com), February 02, 2003.

Hey, i am in need of some answers too. I'm 14 and i have everything to make a go-kart. I already have the frame made and everything, i just need to know how i can hook up the engine to the back wheels. Thanks

-- Tony Bicking (n5g1l@hotmail.com), February 11, 2003.

I am 12 years old and am building an offroad go kart. I need plans for the frame or cahssis. If you have any please send them to me!!! Below is the website for free atv plans really neat must check these out and beleave me it isn't just any four wheeler! www.geocities.com/homemadeatv/ Here is some very simple go-cart plans as well great for a first timer. not much welding either! Must see! www.nukem.freeserve.co.uk/contents/miscprojects/gocart/ please respond!! P.S. if you have any neat website tell me!!

-- Zac Cutt (miteduza@sympatico.ca), February 11, 2003.

im 14 years old and im trying to biuld a buggy but i dont have any plans so can you email me withe some plans

from jake

-- JAKE (jake_eccles@hotmail.com), February 14, 2003.

i have a racing go cart and i will woop every one on this site so stop trying to bild your stupid shit cus you aint gonna beat me i have hit top speed at 65 mph

-- fuck you (fuck you @aol.yourmom.com), March 18, 2003.

I rebuilt an axle/transmission/differential assembly from a riding mower that is perfect for a go-kart. It was powered by a 16hp vertical shaft engine but suspect it can handle much more power. The input drive was a belt however that can easily be converted to a chain drive. Since the width it quite narrow, about 2 feet, and the axle shafts are quite thin, like 5/8" they can be used to mount sprockets on for chain drive to the kart axle(s)What you would end up with is a 5 speed transmission, and reverse gear! and a differential setup just like a real car. All from either a vertical or horizontal shaft engine. It will all fit behind the seat of a standard kart, and only adds about ten pounds to the overall weight. Who could ask for more? It even has built in mounting brackets! Email me for photos.

-- Jeff Parker (CaptPrkr@aol.com), March 22, 2003.

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-- naomi fucksallot (brianstach@hotmail.com), March 23, 2003.

Thats stupid if u think u can build a fast go cart out of a lawnmower engine. A lawn mower transmission is ment for power not speed. If u wanna good go cart go buy a fucking Honda GX series motor a torx-a-verter or a centrifical cluch and attach it 2 a small sprocket. Peace

-- Brad V. (no_no@hotmail.com), March 23, 2003.

As final project for my engeeniering I'm designin and constructing a racing go-kart. I've seen lots of people intrested in having some kind of plans or guide. If u are intrested in the plans, mail me. If enough people intrested ill think about making a step by step guide and plans on how making a racing kart.

-- david (davidgg15@hotmail.com), April 08, 2003.

buy a real go kart engine!

-- Cyrus Wininagr (GOATMONKEY465@aol.com), May 06, 2003.

i'm 11 too and im trying to build a go kart with an 8hp and i have a shit load of experience with engines too I know alot transmission so iherd about some guy gettin his to go to 54mph!!! and 58mph!!! so try any of those and it should do just fine.

-- donavon (jolene@gobrainstorm.net), May 08, 2003.


-- meki (MEKI2PAC@HOTMAIL.COM), May 14, 2003.

I'm 16 and am making a go kart with a friend, it has a square frame and a professional go kart steering system, but we want to have a motor on it that will be strong enough to go up hills, it's only an on-road one though so nothing to hardcore. We were thinking of buying an old lawnmower and trying to attach that. If anyone has any tips or ways of attaching a motor please e-mail me at enjoi_skating@hotmail.com please note we live in New Zealand so cannot buy any American motors etc because of shipping etc

-- Brendan Manning (enjoi_skating@hotmail.com), May 28, 2003.

Hi!!! my name is orlando and i'm from mexico... here is too difficult build one of this kind of vehicules by yourself and find the way to make it take a long time and i wanted see if some of you could send my some planes or a website where i could see how to build a go kart!! please... thank you

-- Orlando (tatoorlando@hotmail.com), June 14, 2003.

Hey I wanna build a go-kart from scratch, but is it possible to get an engine with enough power to go 75MPH?

-- Cathy SL (angel_baby2k7@yahoo.com), June 27, 2003.

im building a go kart and was wondering if anyone knows what type of engine or motor i should fit to it. lawnmower or motorbike

-- lee miller (leemiller4@hotmail.com), June 30, 2003.

hey yo im 13 i wanna do this but i have a cheapass father and im low on money myself, with $30 of internet exepnses a month and no job its tough for me to save anymoney =/, i wanna make an offroad one of things with a hi and lo gear or something, 2wd is fine, but i want some shocks and all that good shit, any idea where i can get this shit, would a junkyard or something be a good place to look, and id need some plans...

-- Dirtbiker (Dirtbiker@dirtbiker1029.com), July 22, 2003.

o and my aim is dirtbiker1029 and my msn is Dirtbiker125@prodigy.net im almost always on

-- Dirtbiker (Dirtbiker@dirtbiker1029.com), July 22, 2003.

I would like to say i am 14 and would also like to build a go kart please send me ideas or plans

-- Daniel D.V. (dan_ny12@hotmail.com), July 23, 2003.

Hello my name is andrei. i'm from romania and i have a verry good motorcycle engine goes up to 120 kph. But i don't know how to build the frame. If anyone could some plans or any information on how to build it i would really apreciate it.

-- Andrei (andreip@eltop.ro), July 30, 2003.






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Hi, I'm 15 aswell, and looking to build a go-kart, im hoping to use a 4-10 hp lawn mower engine, anyone got plans they can send me? thanx

-- Nawor (i_m_da_devil@hotmail.com), January 18, 2004.

If anyone can find a Suzuki TC90 OR TC125 motorcycle engine these have a hi and low range selector which would be pretty cool for building a go kart plus you could use a disk break or 2 from an old motorcycle. All you really need to do if you want a kool rear end is use a 4 wheeler rear end this already has the disk break setup and sprocket for chain drive and shock hook. All you have to do is supply the engine and build a shock mount on the frame.. A small motorcycle engine should work as long as you have a good sprocket ratio that will allow it to turn the wheels and move the kart. P.S. Little kids are able to read these posts and there is a lot of cussing and sexual inuendos being posted. If something disturbs you keep to yourself or E-mail the person. This the mature thing to do and it keeps the posts clean and enjoyable for everyone. If a person can't be reached by E-mail ask for it on the post then E-mail him a piece of your mind. And if still not ignore it.

-- Lee (snnvy@aol.com), January 25, 2004.

Hey look, I'me building a gokart with a bicycle transmission. Basically with a go kart, the frame basically a rectangle. You need to make it wide enough for your ass. The engines have a plate that they sit on on the frame, so you just mark the holes in sheet metal, drills holes, and bolt it down. Then you need to find a gokart clutch off the internet. You should get one for around 20. Vertical shaft engines are balanced to run the way they were meant to be mounted. you cant turn it on its side. You need a hor. shaft motor, and a clutch to fit it, measure your shaft, and then look on ebay, and google search to find a clutch. If you're building one from scratch, you're going to have to spend some money. I'm looking at about $400 for mine, and the engine and frame are from an old go kart.

Basically, weld a rectangle, dont worry about a live axle, you only need one wheel drive, then get spendils and mount the front wheels, look on the internet for a rack and pinion diagram, and then you have the front, attache a sprocket to the drive wheel, and attach the wheels all on the cart. Run the chain from teh clutch gear over the wheel sprocket. Then run all the necessary cables and ground wires to the frame and pedals, for brakes, look on the internet for simple shoe brakes. Then....fire it up. It isn't hard, and you should be able to do it fairly quickly.

-- Matt St.L. (Matt@matt.com), January 28, 2004.

I have a old 10 hp riding lawn mower engine, but the problem is it doesn't quite work. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my engine. Also, if anyone has plans that would be great help. What about building a go-kart with three wheels. Two in the front and one in the back. I believe Nelly has something like this but of course more expensive and faster. But could it be possible to build this type of go-kart?

-- william (tennis_ace_14@hotmail.com), January 31, 2004.

I was also wondering about the frame material. I went to home depot and saw they had metal piping. I think that 3/4" would do fine. Then I was thinking the I would use sheet metal as the flooring. I also have all of the parts from the riding lawnmower. I has a five gear transmission with neutral and I think even reverse. I'm not quite sure if it is vertical or horizontal engine but I have heard enough that all I need a some pulleys and stuff. thanks

-- william (tennis_ace_14@hotmail.com), January 31, 2004.

this is for the kid who wants to build a gokart with threee wheels!!! yes it is vary posisble to build a go cart with three whells all you hav to do is:: first you will need to design a frame that will hold the 1 wheel in the back. and the tire has to fit it is almost like a bike the chain or belt will have to gop on the inside of the bolts. then weld your gear to the wheel or the axle. tou may not need to weld the gear or clutch on just as long as it stays. you will also have to put the brakes on the front tires. well email me bak if u need nemore help ok bi....

-- lenny lunardo (retardcow@hotmail.com), February 02, 2004.

For get about the lawnmower engine, there crap bulky and power to weight isnt worth the hassle, 125cc dirt bike motors do well, Ive used a Suzuki Dr600 moto X motor and she flies like the rocket up Bin Lardens ass, If you are going to use a Lawn mower engine make sure its a 2 Stroke, as mounting it will be much easier and less challenging, Oh yeah PS I got full Gokart plans for an offroad gokart too fully independent shocks, rollcaged and suits motors 250ccup to 1100cc. Send me 5 bucks to cover the photocoping and your postal details and I'll send them to who ever wants them, if you trust me then sweet as, if not its your loss.

...............................I DONT REPLY TO EMAILS................

G Hibbert. 17 Whitford Road. Howick 1705. Auckland. New Zealand.

-- G Hibbert (reelapocalypse@hotmail.com), February 28, 2004.

Yo im 18 and am building a go-kart with a stupid engine. a suzuki gsx-r 1100 motorbike engine, which is gonna go to 60 in less than 2 seconds and over 140mph 10cms of the deck, weeeee im going to kill myself. itll be fun tho eh.

-- n.LiVE (bras@knickers.com), April 21, 2004.

does anybody have a gokart frame or hole gokart for sale for a cheap price and me and my friend want to take a horizontal shaft motor (10- 15) horsepower motor on it and how do i set this up

-- nugget e. (b4our6@netzero.com), April 26, 2004.

hey i am 17 years old and i ride moto-cross for morden motorsports.they gave me a free 125 horse engine to use for what ever i wanted.i built a huge ass go-kart frame and put the engine in it.this go-kart cost me just under 1000$$ but it tops out at 167kmh. i have gone threw 6 sets of rear tires with this new cart.you can sit and burn rubber all day.if you want some advice on how to build a frame or advice on how to set the kart up just ask..peace out 8 town

-- the man with the huge cock (zedders_23@msn.com), May 24, 2004.

hey to all you fags out there who want to use 10-15 horsepower engines on a g-kart...you are retarded...have a 5 hp honda engine and it goes 50 mph...you dont need a big engine to go fast...stupid idiots.....

-- (retardcow@hotmail.com), June 12, 2004.

All you need to build a go cart is a 5hp motor. it does just fine and a frame you can look around and you'll find one somewhere. You'll need to buy a clutch and a small gear and a very large gear.make sure the gears fit the the crankshaft and the rear axel.and find a pair of wheels this is where that grandfather comes in handy if you talk him into it he'll buy you some wheels and just put on the finishing touching and your done

-- Derek Marshall (kkkk.hot@mail.com), June 19, 2004.

my names todd im 12 have u ever thought of using a edger motor then get a 2 sprockets off a bike then weld it on real good then get a motorbike chain then youre done

-- Todd Kiernan (toddk@westnet.com.au), July 12, 2004.

all of you are so stupid!!! all you do is save the money that you are spending on the go-kart add a bit every week start at age 12 and if you put 25 bucks every single week in you'll have when your sixteen 19, 200 dollars and you can go and buy a nice car to impress your GF's

-- Josh (joshschaefer@hotmail.com), July 30, 2004.


-- fuck bag (fuckhole@hotmail.com), September 10, 2004.

you need a bigger engine about 5000000000hp should do it

-- jim mooriss (foo@bar.com), October 25, 2004.

if any of you were even thinking of just throwing a lawn mower motor on its side without acctually taking off the gas tank and running a fuel line to a homemade gas tank normally store bought your an idiot secodly if the motor has the oil dipstick on the top originlally your screwed unless you find a way to stop the oil from leaking out.... (if you just flip it that is) all this to say might as well just buy or find an old chainsaw and try using that it already has the chain and it sits perfectly so... go nuts also maybe a three wheller engine if your thinking mini-dune buggy like i am... u could hook up a clutch like a standard car and have like a need for speed go-cart. my project on the other hand is going to be amasing ill be making it very street like neon lights, roll cage (cause i know ill be rolling it)ill have my three wheeler engine with the clutch with cb radios... mudd tires... dual exaust, fart pipes.... the works bro. im only 16 its not hard guys

-- only 16 ('fff@yahoo.com'), December 03, 2004.

if i was say 260 pounds... and my frame wayed about 50 pounds what kind of motor wound i use to push it... like push it fast. also whats this hp stuff how do i know whats fast and whats not ....

-- fat guy (gkjgjg@hotmail.com), December 03, 2004.

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