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Hey, I don't know anyone here, but that's what life is all about. If anyone reads this, and wants to talk, I'd love to! There's so much we can discuss, but here's a subject: One of the things I'd like to do is to meet Ben Affleck, or Casey. I know it sounds weird, but they seem like two people I'd like to talk to. I'd like to become an actress myself someday, but if that never comes to be, at least I could have accomplished something! Anyone else have dreams they'd like to share? No matter how trivial. Here are some of the dreams on my to-do list: 1. Put flowers on Brandon Lee's Grave 2. Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial 3. Change someone's life for the better 4. Make at lease ONE great work of art...even if it's just great to me.. *like a film, song, story..etc* 5. Find my boyfriend that's been gone for a year 6. Be able to smile, for real. Okay, now that's over, just write something down, okay? I know this was kinda personal, and not about Casey, but maybe somebody'll read this! *wink*

-- Shannyn Noel Allan (gorgeousdoll22@hotmail.com), June 06, 2001


I read this

-- boobs of metal (boobsofmetal@yahoo.com), June 11, 2001.

hello world! I am making my triuphant return! Didja miss me?

-- dramaqueenie (spiffchick@home.com), July 19, 2001.

Jeez, what's up with that??? Is this a character sketch from one of those teen angst films? Is this for real???

I have to make a few comments on this.

Item 1) I like that the NUMBER ONE item is to put flowers on Brandon Lee's grave. That is too freakin' hilarious. This can't be real. But I hope it is. That is so teen tragic. It really makes me want to put on "The Crow" makeup and sit weeping in the dark listening to my Filter albums real softly and secretly hugging my Furby with the little sticker on him that says "Hello - My Name Is BRANDON" on it.

Number two is kind of weird. I'm guessing that this is the product of that abysmal Michael Bay film and that this chick has had her eyes opened to the existence of Pearl Harbor and all the whatnot that occured there. How all those old guys died and stuff, but maybe there are still some cute actors hanging around there, or maybe some talent scouts who are looking for a romantic female lead for the sequel to the movie. Who knows how many times the Chinese bombed this place? They could make a million movies here!

Even funnier than number one is that NUMBER THREE is "Change someone's life for the better." HA! If I have time after completing the first two trivial goals in my life! Maybe one of the top two should read "Be less shallow and self-centered." Ah, that sounds kind of mean. I feel a little bad about having said that. Not bad enough to make the effort to actually use the backspace key though...

Item 4 is interesting. Art is good. Creativity is good. It makes me wonder if she has tried "art", since she apparently hasn't settled on a medium yet (...film, song, story...) Maybe she'll catch "art", like a disease or something. I'm guessing she's probably been innoculated against that by her parents and schooling and friends.

What's up with NUMBER FIVE??? Her boyfriend's been gone for a year? And she's still calling him her boyfriend??? Did he go missing? Again, I have to question the priorities here. He can't be that important if he's number five on life's list.

In tragically last place, we have a heartfelt expression of deep inner sadness. Those six words say so much to us: A girl, surrounded by a family that misunderstands her, friends that betray her, a boyfriend that is nowhere to be found. And yet, she still manages to smile. So that she may enrich and lend tranquility to the lives of those she encounters. Someday she may find that true happiness and cast some of that sunshine inward, where it will warm her soul...

Either that or she's just saying that she's a complete phony who uses her smile to disguise her venomous, jealousy-ridden, bitter loathing for those people in her life that she hates but lacks the courage or self-respect to offend.

I don't know. It's probably fake anyway. Thanks for the thought- provoking post! :-)


-- E (Webmaster@CaseyAffleck.com), August 13, 2001.

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