Poe Valley, the Eutaw House, and The Raven

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The is a hotel just outside of Poe Valley, Pennsylvania, called the Eutaw House. Members of my family used to own this house/hotel. My grandmother had told me that Poe satyed in this hotel at one time, and that the word "POE" was carved into a beam. I was wondering a few things about this story.

1) Is there any record of Poe satying here? It in, in fact, at least today, on the way to baltimore. I belive the road on which it stands is route 322.

2) like i said, there is rumored to have been a wooden beam in a room, with the word "POE" carved into it. My grandmother says she saw it first hand, and still sticks to this story. I was wondering if the beam is still existant or if there is any record of it still being there.

3)I hhave been told by a few pwople that this could possibly be where the raven was written, or at least inspired to be written, while Poe was looking out his window and saw a raven sitting in the branches of a tree. I was wondering if this could be or is true.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2001


Please help me find an answer concerning Edgar Allen. What's the final line in the Edgar Allen Poe poem, The Ravem?

Thank you


-- Anonymous, August 12, 2001

First Off, Amanda, I Trully Have No Idea, But When You Find Out, I'd Love To Know, I Mean, Common, How Sweet, Having Poe Write His Story Almost In Your Lap, Hell, I'd Pay You Millions To Stay The Night.

Second, You Need To Make Your Own Question Before I'll Answere The Second Question, C'mon, There Are Other Things Then Stupidety In The World!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001

Amanda, i did some reasearch, i'm sad to say, "The Raven" Was Not Writen In Your Hotel. Edger Alan Poe Was In Baltimore With His Wife, Hr Death Slowly Coming, He Wrote His Thaughts About "The Lost Lanore" Or In Other Words, His Wife. I Am Not Saying He Never Stayed There, Nor Did I Say He Did Not Leave His Mark, If He Did, SWEET If Not, AT LEAST YA GOT A HOTEL NAMED AFTER HIM!

Peace, Double D

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2001

Shall be lifted-nevermore!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2001

I live on a mountain very close to the Eutaw House which is still an operating restaurant and have heard the same rumor from many local people. I believe he must have at least stayed there. Funny, this year we have spotted an unusual abundance of ravens in the area. The bird is not frequently, at least anymore, seen in urban areas. Is your grandmother still living? I will ask the owner about the name carved in a room when I go there next time. Do you know the exact dates that your family owned the hotel? What were their names. I hope the present owners have preserved all of that. It is a beautiful old inn. Judy

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2002

my friend brother and once lover has passed i need the words to the raven now can u please help

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

I have always loved Edgar Allen Poe. I have all of his short stories and poems and have read so much about him, concerning his death where her wrote certain stories... I can tell you for sure that he did not write the Raven there, I read he was with his wife when she was dying that is why is is the lost lanore. Also my brother goes to penn state and on the way back he stopped at the Eutaw House and knowing that I am a big Poe fan he asked one of the bartenders there about the myth. She took him upstairs and in a table were the initials E.A.P. she also said that she works late nights and sometimes when she is there alone that she has seen spooky things happen like chairs move. Apparently it is a haunted place supposedly of Poe himself. I dont believe it is Poe although you never know.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2003

I live just right down the road from the Eutaw House and I have heard many times that it is haunted. I have seen the initials E.A.P. written on a table there and I believe that he could have wrote the Raven at the Eutaw House. In some of Poe's other poems the locations that he describes sound like the Centre County region. I live in the old stage coach house and the old route connected New York with Philadelphia so he must have at least stayed at the Eutaw house when he moved to Philadelphia. I have also heard that while staying in the Eutaw House he fell in love with a woman but she rejected him. Could this have been Lenore? I think so. I am very interseted in this topic and I would love to find out more.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2003

Poe did stay in the Eutaw House, in Suite #7, where he wrote at least a small part of The Raven. He ate his meals in a private dining room at the end of a hall on one of the upper levels, and his initials are carved in the table there. The Eutaw House is also said to be haunted, though not by Poe. My friend works there and he said the upstairs lights turn themselves on and off. Just thought you might find that interesting.

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2003

No one answered my question.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2004

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