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I started thinkíng about dilutions of Rodinal, and I haven't found any information regarding the minimum volume of solution needed for, say 1+50. I use 40 ml to 1000 ml water as 1+25, but I am not sure whether this enough solution or if it is too much?

The "datasheets" at does not provide any useful info. They're so crappy I wonder if Agfa really is a serious photo company. Whatever you may say about Kodak, they deliver the goods when it comes to technical info on films and chemicals.

Thanks for any ideas,

-- Jimi Axelsson (, June 06, 2001


How much film are you trying to process with that liter of developer?

-- Steve Clark (, June 06, 2001.

If you take the time to explore Agfa's site they have some PDF files on their chemistry that might be helpful. About 500ml(1+25 or 1+50) will process 50 35mm or 120 films, do a little math and you can come up with a good guess on how many pieces of sheet film, and it won't hurt to under estimate. Besides, Rodinal is an inexpensive developer if you question if it is exhausted, mix up another batch.

-- James Christian (, June 06, 2001.

I have used rodinal at high dilutions for many years with great results. I routinely dilute 1:50; 1:75 and 1:100. In the jobo I use 10ml per 750ml water to process 3 rolls of 120, or 12 sheets 4x5. I process 35mm in small tanks where the volume of solution per roll is higher. I have never seen any agfa info about this, but Rodinal has been around a very long time and there is a wealth of experience out there with it. I'd be happy to share whatever info I have with you.

-- Erik Gould (, June 06, 2001.


Thanks for your input. I am using a litre for processing 6-8 sheets of 4x5. So if I am go by Erik, that seems to be way too much developer (40ml/1000ml water), even for 1+25.

-- Jimi Axelsson (, June 07, 2001.


For a time Agfa was publishing a recommended number of sheets/liter at a certain dilution which worked out to 10ml/8x10 sheet. I have done a number of tests at 5 and 10 ml/8x10 sheet and have seen no difference, so depending on what dilution I'm using and how big the tank is, I aim for something around 5-10 ml developer per 80 square inches.

-- Erik Ryberg (, June 07, 2001.

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