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using Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ back on a 4x5 linhof techV ? is there a way (adaptator to fit graflock...) to use Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ back on a 4x5 linhof techV ?

-- dg (, June 06, 2001


Why? After buying adapters if they are available or fabricating one it would end up being more than buying a Horseman roll film back {for4X5} They range from 6X6? for sure 6X7 to 6X12. Also you would not have to worry about the ground glass matching up with the film plane of the medium format roll film back. With the right tool, a 4X5 roll film back from Horseman,Linhof,or whoever, the best results are possible with the least amount of effort.

-- john (, June 06, 2001.

I agree with the previous writer...why bother, you may as well buy a Horseman back. Anyway how are you going to wind the film on?

-- Matt Sampson (, June 06, 2001.

Hi! I have same question: can I use 6x8 motorised back for Mamiya RBproSD with my Horseman FA? I could not find adaptor for this. Thanks, Dmitri

-- Dmitri Orlov (, June 06, 2001.

I'm sorry dg and Dmitri, I don't have an answer to your questions. My response is aimed at the people who always question "why" a question is asked, and then don't offer a solution to the question.

There are various reasons why people want to make strange adaptations for their gear. For instance, they may already have the various parts and want to find a way to make the most of the resources available to them. Don't question their sanity - they have probably already considered the usual options and are now trying to find a better solution (it's how progress is made).

I recently posed a question regarding masking techniques, and some answers suggested that better management of my system would give me the same results. I already knew this - I was looking for more tools for my creative printing tool box, not suggestions on how to get the same pictures as everyone else gets. I was after information for new methods - not a critique on techniques I currently use.

There are many people in this field of photography (LF) who follow the "Just do it!" line of thought. When they ask for information on HOW to do it, don't ask WHY. Simply supply that information or don't post an answer please.

This response is not aimed at anyone in particular, and generally, this forum is the best on the net. I'm only venting my spleen.

PS. Try a local engineering shop - they may be able to come up with a solution for your question if you are prepared to work with them. It doesn't look like there is a ready made adaptor for your camera backs on the market and you'll have to get one made.

(Aaahh, that's better....)

-- Graeme Hird (, June 06, 2001.

why this question ? because i've got 3 backs for hassy and a polaroid back, and 2 backs for RZ, i use medium format camera most of time, but it happens some time that i need camera movements just for one picture (architecture), if i buy an horseman back or linhof (more things to carry) and i have to process all the film... if i buy a medium format shift lens (RZ75), it's just one focal... if i buy flexbody, it's expensive for just a little amount of shift... if i buy arcbody, i have to buy a complete set of lens, i just can't afford it ! at the moment, when i need movements, i use 4x5 inch but it's messy, people(customers) don't understand why i'm using differents formats !!! i think i will buy an arca f line 6x9, and just shoot everything with it !

-- dg (, June 07, 2001.

001693 is the Linhof adapter to mount Hasselblad backs on any camera with a Graflock back.

Linhof also makes adapters to convert the Linhof M679 adapters for roll backs to Linhof Kardan, Toyo or Sinar/Horseman. There are adapters for RZ as well as Hasselblad in the 679 series but no adapter for the Technika.

So yes you can use Hasselblad roll backs, viewing devices, etc. on a Technika IV or later 45.

-- Bob Salomon (, June 07, 2001.

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