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We are planning to have a family reunion as part of a cruise vacation. Some of us are flying to the city where the cruise ship is docked...others are driving. I plan to park my car at the port for the duration of the 7 days trip. What tips are available for this sort of situation? Has this been done? Are there drawbacks and problems? (The city is Los Angeles, and the cruise line is Carnaval.) Thanks

-- Warren Dear (, June 05, 2001


Hi Warren;

I would assume the parking lot for the cruise ship is secure. If not, you might consider checking neighboring areas where there are probably some "park and fly" (or in this case, "park and cruise") type lots that charge by the day, and which provide some security. Your best bet is to check with your travel agent or a Carnival representative. You might also check around at places like, which has a section dedicated to traveling on cruise ships (

Have a wonderful time!

-- Lani Teshima (, June 06, 2001.

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