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Does Medicare cover the cost of knee replacement surgery?

-- Bertha Cline (, June 05, 2001


Medicare A&B covers 80% of the knee/hip replacement surgery. If the patient has a secondary health plan (i.e. Blue Cross and Blue Shield, AARP, etc.) this covers the other 20%. Medicare B covers 80% of the professional part of the surgery that includes the surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc. Medicare A covers 80% of the facility costs that includes the hospital stay and supplies. The change would be if the subscriber had not met the Medicare deductible for the year, which is usually about $100. If the patient has secondary insurance this insurance usually will pick up the deductible. If the patient does not have a secondary health care plan, then the patient is responsible for the 20% balance that Medicare deems allowable.

-- Debi Ross (, June 19, 2001.

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