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-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001


Hello everyone,

There is a guy on my elist who spoke as a tech consultant on the radio the other day. He gave an hour show about "dot bombs" and was disappointed about not being able to get around to discussing open source. I too think open source is an important topic so when he sent the following out to our elist, I emailed him back and asked him if I could set him up with you.

What do you say? The guy is ready, willing, reliable, and has his priorities in order. I've never met him in person, but I've read his emails for about six months and I know he speaks and writes well (otherwise KWMU wouldn't let him on!).

Here are the emails that got it all started:

Scott] My only regret is that I didn't get to mention Open Source.

[Laura] Doggone it, that's really important! You need to get back there and do that. When can we expect to hear you do a whole show on it?

[Scott] I agree - Open Source is a hugely important topic. It has

produced some of the best software ever created. And it continues to do so. In fact, with MSFT spewing more and more FUD on the issue, I think it becomes more and more imperative for us to counter the FUD with the truth.

Remember, we've known since the infamous "Halloween memos" that MSFT has seen Open Source as an enemy. The problem for MSFT is, how to counter that enemy. Open Source is not a company that can be bought, destroyed a la Netscape, or co-opted. Instead, Open Source is a process. Therefore MSFT has been in search of a way to attack the process. That's why we've seen Allchin, Mundie, and now Ballmer attacking Open Source by spreading FUD about the GPL. The current FUD is that if a company uses any GPL'd software, all their software and data must be open source as well. This of course is nonsense. It is a patent misreading of the GPL.

However, if enough people hear this FUD, then the waters will be muddied. Again, it is imperative for us to counter FUD with the truth. Any thoughts? Oh - I appear on Greg's show about once a year. Guess we'll have to wait ...

[Laura] Can I send this email to TechTV and see if I can get you something going with them?

[Scott] Laura - I'm intrigued by your offer. Very intrigued. Could you elaborate further on what you mean?


[Laura] Sure.

I think open source is an extremely important topic and I would like more CEO's to become more familiar with it's benefits. I think until more techs are familiar with it's benefits nothing's going to change and companies will continue using MS products.

TechTV is a cable show (channel 66 on Charter) that discusses just about everything about the Internet and computers. I don't know what state they're located in, but I know Mr. Dvorak has a "round table" meeting with "experts" every once in awhile. I don't know if he flys them in or if they pay their own way, but I've heard you speak and I think you'd make a great guest. I was thinking of emailing them your email at the bottom of this page and see if they're interested in talking to you about this.

Whatcha think?

[Scott] Aw, shucks!

Sure, I'd love to. I *am* a technology consultant, after all! Let me know what happens!

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