Update: Tripod for my Graphic View II

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I had posted a question looking for a tripod for a 4X5 graphic view II.

I ran across a deal on a Bogen 3050 tripod with 3047 head. I am waiting for it in the mail. I was told this was the same as a 3051 legset.

Should I keep the 3047 head? Or get an adapter and mount the Graphic View II directly to the legs. The tripod mount on my graphic view tilts and pans rather smooth.

Is this 3051 overkill for this camera? I can always use it with my 300mm/2.8 lens :)

-- Pete (gregarpp@icqmail.com), June 04, 2001


My advice is keep both heads for now, burn some film, and at some point you'll realize that you prefer one head over another. I occasionally use a Graphic View on a 3 axis Bogen head similar to the 3047 (I don't recall the model#). It isn't the most stable setup (there is a lot of room for flex between the tripod and the camera's rail), but it works.

An additional bit of advice: if the mounting plate on the Graphic View has "ping pong paddle rubber" on it, scrape it off. The rubber will prevent a sound mechanical contact between the mounting plate and the QR plate on the 3047.

-- Dave Brown (wolfgang@peakpeak.com), June 05, 2001.

I use Manfrotto 058 with a 029 head (that's 3051 legs with 3047 head) for my Gandolffi. I do not think it is overkill, it is a very solid and well made legset, takes your mind away from tripod stability and into photography.

-- Haim Toeg (haim_toeg@bmc.com), June 05, 2001.

I like the Manfrotto 058 tripod, it is like 'bricks & mortar' stable and worry free if you desire stability. The construction is well and even if you have money to burn, I see it unjustified to buy better, I almost bought a GITZO and now I am very thankful I didn't....you can have the best tripod in the world, it's not going to make you a better photographer, but that's a personal opinion. I recommend the 058 for anyone using 4x5 and most med. format cameras.

-- Joseph (jdc@idirect.com), June 29, 2001.

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