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hi all! Am looking for advice on a 3 day backpack in AZ-thinking about Humphreys peak, but it looks like a one day up and down. We are 3 experienced hikers from NY, taking along our Phoenix friend for an intro to backpacking. Want it to be nice for him...not too easy, not too hard--nothing technical. thanks for any advice (end of this month, june 2001)

-- Hilja (MATKAJA@AOL.COM), June 04, 2001


Hi Hilja,

It's going to be HOT in Arizona in late June, so best plan to be in the mountains, or at otherwise higher elevations.

You might want to contact the Southern Arizona Hiking Club at:

P.O. Box 12724 Tucson AZ, 85732

The Sierra Club in Phoenix used to have an active hiking group, but it's been a lot of years since I lived there and I'm not current on their status.

The Catalina mountains north of Tucson are a nice place to hike and backpack. I haven't been there in years, but we used to go up to the top (end of the road) and park and then hike in a variety of directions. It's a lot cooler up there, too. It does rain in the Summer, though, often with some spectacular thunderstorms.

Mt. Wrightson, south of Tucson, is possibly one that you experienced hikers would enjoy, although it might be a bit much for your Phoenix friend.

The Mogollon Rim area (below Flagstaff and running over toward the White Mountains) is really beautiful country with lots of neat places to hike and backpack.

Have your friend in Phoenix get a book on Arizona hiking places at the bookstore or one of the National Monuments. Also, Arizona Highways magazine often has articles on places to hike/backpack. Perhaps your friend could check out back issues at the library.

Best Wishes for a save, fun trip ... Eric

-- Eric (nazflash@northlink.com), June 05, 2001.

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