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I'm think of purchasing a used Schneider Xenar 135mm lens for use with a GraphicView 4x5 camera. I understand that the image circle on the Xenar lenses is pretty small (161mm at f16). Is this sufficient coverage to allow for some modest camera movements (I'll be shooting mostly landscapes.

-- Phillip J. Redman (, June 04, 2001


Should work fine for landscapes, even a little rise for buildings..

-- Bill (, June 04, 2001.

Phillip, my own experience with 4X5 lenses is that even though very useable, lenses with less than 190mm coverage seem to stay in the bag, or worse yet, at home. I've just gotten bit with vignettes too often. Modern Xenars are top quality and very sharp though. Jim

-- Jim Galli (, June 04, 2001.

As the diagonal of 4x5 is 168mm (minus the hold down rails, etc), I would think that when focused at infinity, you would have no movements. However, you will probably never be focused at infinity, but at some hyperfocal point (closer), which will increase the image circle. How big your image circle is, and therefore how much you will have for movements, depends on how close you are focused.

-- Ron Shaw (, June 05, 2001.

Anyone have any expirience with a 4.7, 135 Xenar? What do you think of this lens? Thanks

-- eric williams (gldn@rocketmail.comn), June 05, 2001.

This was one of my first lenses. It was sharp in the center, but my example displayed some distortion and softness in the corners. No coverage beyond 4x5 to speak of. I picked up a used 135 Nikor W in mint shape for about $350 and it's simply grand.

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, June 06, 2001.

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