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I bought this camera by mistake, thinking it was a 4x5. Does anyone know if there is film for this camera or if it can be converted to a film size like 120mm. It came with a 135mm F/4.7 lens and also has a focal plane shutter in the camera body, 135mm lens is also in a shutter that has T,B, and shutter speeds from 1 sec. to 1/400 sec. Lens can be open and closed without releasing the shutter by a little lever on the lens when the lens is cocked. The camera is a Graflex Speedgraphic 3 1/4

-- John Moye (, June 04, 2001


Hi John: I have the Crown Graphic 34 i.e like yours but without the focal plane shutter. The only back that was available for these cameras was the 6x9cm (2x3)in the 120 size. Difficult to find but occasionaly available in the used market. Check with Stephen Shuart in PA. His address is in the Shutterbug.

-- Tito Sobrinho (, June 06, 2001.

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