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Well unoffically Summer is here and I'm sure many of us will be participating in the usual rituals, i.e. vacations, family reunions, weddings, or just taking it easy. For those who enjoy a good read, consider my top ten must "reads" for this Summer. Remember, summer offers you the most leisure time before the demands resume with Fall so, Bon Apetite!!

1. The Poisonwood Bible

2. Prayer of Jabez

3. The Lost Art of Drawing the Line

4. Irrational Exuberance

5. Galileo's Daughter

6. The Science of God

7. Losing The Race

8. Modern Library Chronicles [Any one of the twenty-something titles]

9. Who Moved My Cheese?

10. Tom Brokaw's WWII Letters

PS: When I'm finished my book I will add it the list :-) Also, if you are looking for some terrific photographic books to compliment your living room consider Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats and The Life of Abyssinnian Baptist Church. Since the majority of members on this BB are regular "church-goers" you will find the photographs in these books particularly interesting and inspiring. Irrespective of one's denominational affiliation, the black church in America is captured in three influential congregations: Mother Bethel AMEC in Philadelphia, PA, 15th St. Presbyterian Church in Wash DC [did you know Bishop Benjamin Tanner once pastored here?] and Abyssinnian Baptist Church [former pastors Adam Clayton Powell Sr. & Jr. and the late Samuel Dewitt Proctor]. A visit to these historic congregations will be time well-spent. QED

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2001


Prayer of Jabez---heard about this one last night. Do you have any background this character?


-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001

Dear Brenda, Not much background is known about Jabez except that which is contained in the in text found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. The prayer itself contains some very powerful spiritual principles which have been a blessing to my life and ministry. I first heard about the prayer of Jabez while attending a revival at First AMEC, Los Angeles a few months ago. Bishop Bryant and his wife Rev. Cee were "team preaching" that night and they ministered in a powerful way on the Prayer of Jabez. I was blown away by their message. I've been in the ministry for a number of years and consider myself a student of the word and I had never HEARD of Jabez or his prayer. My wife was so excited by what we had learned from the Bryant's annointed message she told some folk at the local Christian bookstore about it. Thats when we found out about the book. She bought a copy and brought it home. It was so powerful that I knew I needed to teach the people of Quinn, where I pastor, those same principles. With the background of the Bryant's message combined with the message of the book firmly implanted in my spirit, I have begun a series of messages centered around each of the principles set out by Jabez's prayer. I have completed three of the four messages and will probably wrap it up in late June. Meanwhile more and more of our people are experiencing the excitement of "Jabez appointments" in thier lives as they ask God to "enlarge their territory" that they might be a powerful inluence for our Lord each and every day.

Yours in the Joy of Jesus, pastor mike

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001

Another book to add to your list is Tim Teeney's "God Chasers and Tony evans"No More excuses " For Men Only. FOr women I would Recommend joyce Meyer " Me and My Big Mouth. Prayer of jabez is probably oneo of the most powerful hidden prayers tucked away in the Bible. It is blowing up stores everywhere. Dr. bruce Wilkinon, who authored the book, is coming under attack now for it because it is selling record copies daily and he has nother out also that is good. If you pray the Prayer of jabez ofr a set period of tome, I recommend thirty days, but thats depending upon your Prayer life and watch GOD MOVE in your life and spirit.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001

I just finished Jabez and am now practicing it. Already I have noticed change in my life especially an increase in witnessing opportunities. God Chasers is also really good. Is not the author Tommy Tenney.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001

I stand corrected. The author of God Chasers and Extreme God Chasers is Tommy Teeney , instead of Tim Teeney like I previously had wrote. Thanks for the correction brother. Another good book ofr men is by myles Munroe about being a Father. It is deep, but it will bless every male species on this earths soul.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001

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