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White House Lists Alleged Vandalism - Report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has for the first time released a detailed list of alleged vandalism in the White House by outgoing employees of the previous administration, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.


Note that later on in the article, MUCH later on, it's revealed that Fleischer told the Post the written list was done on Friday in response to Democrats ``suggestions that the Bush White House made things up.''

Fleischer was cited as saying the list was based on recollections of officials and career government employees."

What a surprise.

What the #$%^ is wrong with these idiots? The "liberal media" BURIED the GAO report story (well, those that actually ran it, anyway), but these morons have to come back with a VERY PUBLIC "response"?!?!

And people deride ME for calling them MORONS?!?!

-- Patricia (, June 03, 2001


Glad to come back and see we're still talking about the important shit.

-- Carlos (, June 10, 2001.

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