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Can't remember Rocky's last name but outgoing Los Angeles REPUBLICAN mayor Richard Riordan wants him elected. Probably part of Riordan's thinly veiled plan for building a gubenatorial bid base. Same with him endorsing Villaragosia's bid for mayor of LA. We better watch this guy. He might fool those masses that need our help.

-- Carlos (, June 02, 2001


Carlos, I've only seen a couple of stories and have no "inside knowledge" (though I'm sitting in front of a damn computer that has the world at its proverbial feet), but the LA Mayoral race looks pretty nasty.
-- (, June 03, 2001.

I knew there was more to that post (screwed up the tags -- duh). The end should have read:

Any insights? Any preference on your part?

(This is what happens when I post early in the morning without the appropriate amount of caffeine in my system.)

-- (, June 03, 2001.

As a born and raised SoCal dude. A former resident for 31 years. I find it bizarre so many around the country do not understand there exists a huge Republican following in California.

Do most just think a Ronnie Raygun a freak amongst a bunch of fruitcakes? Bob Dornan ring a bell? Richard Nixon? Wally George? Hell even MonkeyBoy Limbaugh started in Sacramento for crying out loud.

California has the rainbow covered and then some. No question the group of Boxer/Feinstein/WBrown/and Maxine Waters have spoiled things real good for California. Worse bunch of scum I have ever seen. But please, California is not all some big gay bathhouse.

Where is Sam Yorty when ya need him Carlos? Can't somebody down there get Wally to run? You know me, but *I* would vote early and often for George and I don't even live there anymore(would make arrangements :) Guy is a trip! Luv the man. Know why? He is at least genuine. Rightwinger too the max, but a decent and honest sort who does not take himself too damn serious.

I think is what all of us want, no matter which way they sit on the political spectrum. We just want honesty and CONSISTENCY. Listen to people, carry yourself with respect and dignity, and stay as much out of the American Peoples way as is possible. Sense of humor ain't bad either.


-- Doc Paulie (, June 04, 2001.

A true student of history that Doc. I remember the "solid south" when dems liked the idea. Course the idea was contingent on black folks not voting. Then them northern rabblerousers showed up and changed every thing (2 words intended).

Point is that demographics and with them are the winds of change. The candidates are both liberal democrats but Villaragosa will be elected tomorrow and I think he's the best choice. Never cared for the Hahn dynasty. Besides Villaragosa has "kinship" to some 44% of the populace. Who better? Time for LA not to be run by rich white guys. Better by Minority guys that will get rich doing it! Parity at last!

-- Carlos (, June 05, 2001.

Tom Bradley was a white rich dude? lol.

-- Doc Paulie (, June 05, 2001.

So, Hahn was elected. What does that mean for you guys, Carlos?

-- (, June 06, 2001.

It means that the Blacks will have the Mayor's ear and the Mexican's will not. Bidness as usual. It's all academic anyway as this is the last time any white person will be Mayor of Los Angeles.

-- Just (one@big.sewer), June 07, 2001.

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