Some videos of Evan are online : LUSENET : Camacho TV -Let's Start An Argument- Board : One Thread

Hi everybody, it's Jon Liu, the almost family member,

anyway, I have been watching leslie very carefully and picking up a few things about this whole internet thing along the way, and i found that your web page becomes very popular when you put pictures of a baby on it, so now my web page has a few more recent pictures of Evan, as well as 2 brand new videos! i invite everyone to come and see and enjoy, i plan on putting new pictures up as often as i can. You can use them however you want, print them out and show them to everyone to show how cute he is, or whatever , you know:)

Just go to...

and click on the links that say "evan(video)"

Thanks leslie for making it possible to pass this info along.

Bye everybody!


-- Jon (, June 02, 2001

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