A.M.E. Meetings, Conferences, etc. and Robert's Rules of Order

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Is there a requirement in our book of Doctrine and Discipline that requires our meetings be held in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order?

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001


Why haven't I received responses to my question to my AME family, "is there a requirement in our Book of Doctrine and Discipline that requires our meetings, conferences, etc. be held in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order"? The answer to my question is very important, my church family has caused quite a "stir" about this, which is the reason I ask the question. Surely little ole me hasn't stumped this board? Come on, let me hear from you.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2001

Hi Barbara:

Personally, I can't envision any official church business meeting without Robert's. Contrary to popular belief, the objective of Robert's is to expedite meetings not engage in obstruction tactics designed to favor partisan interests. I believe the Discipline explicitly requires parliamentary procedure as described in Robert's Rules of Order. I don't have a copy of my Discipline in my office but I will double check when I get home and provide you with the page citation.QED

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2001

Roberts Rules of Order is the defacto standard for the conduct of all meetings. I have a little trouble with one who wants everything defined in the Discipline. That's kinda like trying to live by the law which only brings death. Blessings

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2001

Sister Ransom, the Bylaws of the WMS found on page 371 of The Discipline refer to the use of Robert's Rules of Order as well as the YPD Bylaws. Robert's Rules are also referred to on page 453 with respect to the Connectional Music Committee. I cannot find in The Discipline that all meetings must be held in accordance with Robet's Rules for parliamentary authority.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2001

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