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I would like to know the "bigcut" which was the social problem in SanFransisco probably 20 to 30 years ago. I believe that many citizen were concerned and discussed with the matter whether the new highway which cut through the forest or mountain should be built or not. Would you tell me brief outline of this issue. Following is my suggested keywords of this inquiery: CIVIL ENGINEERING, ENVIROMENTALS, POLITICS, PROJECT I am looking forward hear from you. Thanks for your help.



I believe you are talking about the extension of what is now Highway 380 in San Bruno, San Mateo County. The discussion was if the highway should be cut from HIghway 101 near the San Francisco Airport through the mountains across Skyline Blvd and down to Highway 1 in Pacifica. It was not done. A highway was built to connect Highway 101 to Highway 280 only (Higiway 380). Instead of the mountain cut,funds were spent to renovate Sharp Park Boulevard that already wound across the mountains to Highway 1 on the coast. I live in the area where the cut would have ended if constructed.

-- Judy De Bella (, August 24, 2001.

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