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Well, the weather is beautiful here. Highs in the upper 80's, lows in the 60's. Blue skies. Nice stuff. The car continues to be more appropriately known as Old Clunky, which is a change from it's former name, the Big Blue Easy Bake Oven (no AC). I have to go get it to clunk to town to buy it still more parts in an attempt to remedy its clunkiness. Also have to buy more feed to feed the starving masses of dependent animals. Also have to pay the car insurance. If it weren't for vehicles, their insurance, and feeding critters we might have something. LOL I've got a hen that hatched seven chicks despite the flood we had last weekend. I don't know where she had her nest, but it seems to have been in the cane break which always acts as the main water course during heavy rains. Still, she had 7 chicks. I've successfully stolen 4 of them. Now she attacks me whenever I get within 3 feet of her. Wonder why!!!! Anyway, she may get to keep the others. Everything is just about like it usually is here, which isn't really all that bad, just not as good as I wish it were. How are all of ya'll doing out there?

-- Green (, June 02, 2001


We're enjoying warm days and cool nights, with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in. The garden is flourishing, as are the weeds, but DH is the designated mulcher and he does a great job. We have 4 newly hatched chicks in the incubator this morning, with another 25 to go. So it's a quick trip to town for bedding, as I didn't get it done when I should. The baby goats are growing by leaps and bounds, which pretty well describes them entirely! Gosh, they're cute. We are planning our vacation and the biggest worry is how well the animals will be cared for. We have a very reliable girl coming to do it, but I always wonder what she would do in an emergency. I just pray she keeps her head, and I can always start over when I get home. Blessings to all.

-- melina b. (, June 02, 2001.

It's raining again and I'm cooped up with kids. I'm about ready to put them in bathing suits and send them out to go play in the mud!

-- Laura (, June 02, 2001.

Well, I'm a bit further south than Green, and it has hit what I call "the warm up". 95 or so today, hot and humid and I have been sweating all week. I haven't put the ac on in the house yet, but I think I will soon.

The garden is out pacing me, and I am SOOOO thankful for that as it has been such a struggle to deal with these grasshoppers here. My screenhouse was worth the investment and that is such a big blessing. My rabbits have two fans mounted next to their cages and I just today bought a 12 cubic foot upright, non self defrosting, Kenmore freezer and installed it in the barn...This means I can keep a plethora of ice water bottles at the ready for them. They are happy about it. I can tell cuz their noses wriggle.

On the sad side of things my rooster Lancelot just gave up the ghost. He just quit. And I had to do one of the hardest things I've done yet and put down a dog of mine.....I believe he is now in doggie heaven where there are no thunderstorms or gunshots and he will never be afraid again....really tough for me, but there wasn't any choice.

On the UP side;

My goat Slinky is recovering nicely from her tough delivery and I have a nother goat friend who told me to call her anytime, day, night, or inbetween for any help I might need. She is such a sweet lady!

My Austrolorp is still setting and I got all the chickens corralled except for one of the new broody hens. I clipped their wings for them and they weren't terribly pleased about it.

My rabbits are also reproducing like rabbits, so I need to find sales outlets but QUICK (like a bunny!).

-- Doreen (, June 02, 2001.

Sindy and I took a road trip to pick up a dozen Guinea eggs this morning. Ended up taking the scenic route around S. Indiana. Had a great time. The egg guy was really nice and he gave us a tour of his place and showed off all his critters. He also gave us a dozen mixed hen eggs to hatch for free! He has some real pretty chickens and I hope these eggs do ok. The incubator is hummin' and the countdown has begun. At my age you wouldn't think I'd get all excited about hatching eggs. Oh what the heck, it's been a real long time since I've had chicks around.

-- John in S. IN (, June 02, 2001.

This week has been a busy one for us as we try to get settled in to our new home. Got our licenses and auto registrations switched over, closed the sale on our Belton house, put in a garden, and started new chicks, besides cleaning and painting and unpacking still(this could go on for weeks! maybe months:( sigh.)....The chicks are so cute. Trying a new breed(for me)--bought 20 st run Speckled Sussex. Also two Rouen ducks for fun;)

-- mary, in colorado (, June 02, 2001.

Mary, my Rouen drake is demented. He chases the dogs. The dogs then run and get on the other side of me, leaving me to face down the duck. So far, I've come out ahead. Actually, he decides I'm too big I guess. Rat terriers seem to be more his size. In fairness, the dogs started this by chasing him. Now he always initiates the chase, but he cheats because he flies about 18 inches off the ground while he chases. It's funny, but still, if the girls hatch plenty of little Rouens this time, he's destined to be the center attraction at a duck au l'orange dinner. Enough is enough. Besides, he's traumatizing the dogs and I'm never sure when his eyesight will fail him or he will get more cajones and decide to attack me. I can see it on my tombstone now..."Killed by a Duck"...Ah..the shame of it all! LOL

Hope it's cooler in Colorado than here. We are supposed to hit the upper 90's today.

-- Green (, June 03, 2001.

Got a chuckle visualizing your drake flying in pursuit!lol We had one before and were quite fond of him. He only chased if someone got too close to a sitting duck. Gave him and the last duck away before the move. Heard this week that the duck had hatched 14 ducklings!! The girl we gave them to was *very* proud.:)

-- mary, in colorado (, June 03, 2001.

Boy the male species can be rather intimidating can't they??? I had an old mean rooster who would attack me every time I went in the coop. He ended up having to leave the farm! I couldn't tolerate that! It's been unusually cool here the past couple of weeks and rainy for the past week. Only been up in the 60's with lows in the high 40's to 50's. I'm grateful for the rain as we needed it so desparately but now we could use some sun and warm weather! Guess that will come soon enough. We had another set of twin calves this past week. That's two sets of twins this year! Garden is looking good. Everything is growing well and should have snow peas in a week or so. Also should be ready to do blackberry jam in a couple of weeks. Looks like the wild blackberries are going to have a good crop this year! We've also been eating lettuce and spinach like crazy. Can't wait for those first maters!!! I do have some with blossoms even with this cool weather! They are early tomatoes that withstand cool weather more than most. Taters and Armenian cukes are growing like crazy. Hope to get some cukes soon! Also have watermelon and cantelope planted for the first time. We need some warm weather for them. Dear God, please understand, I'm not complaining about the rain, we needed it, but you know more than me that it takes sun and rain to grow a good garden! I know you will send sun soon enough. Thank you.

-- Barb (, June 04, 2001.

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