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District Director Issues


Regionalize the delivery of a program in each capacity area.
Define the role of Program Assistants in our staffing plan.
EE's on District Leadership Team should also be on State Capacity Area Leadership Team.
Include District EE's on all state Capacity Area Leadership teams.
Examine staffing time/overnights at State Fair.
Develop a quicker process to deal with Performance problems, including procedure and process.


Consider regional program leadership in defined Capacity Areas or special expertise through salary augmentation of existing EE's.
Clarify support for enterprise project/incentives: what to do with profitable ideas and programs.
Move current central staff development funds to Districts to address local needs of staff - additional funding NOT associated with grant writing.
Have some funds available at District level for programming.
DD Jump Start request, money at the District level.


How to centralize reports, including AREPA, etc.
Develop technology usage plan to support programming and communication.
Start using web discussion forum for agendas, minutes and other DD/Extension administrative work items.
Encourage the expanded use/clarity of web pages of Capacity Areas and include programs developed at District or County level.

4-H Considerations

Direction and philosophy of 4-H Center - decide what happens if it doesn't take into account County Voices.
Develop regional capacity in 4-H Leadership.
The Center for 4-H and Youth Development gain a better understanding for youth development at the "field level" with staff and resources for assistance.
Develop regional support/leadership system for 4-H youth development.
Encourage 4-H program/center to include outstate staffing as an alternative to current staffing.

District Director Duties

DD's have goals for each year established by the group.
DD/Department Heads/Capacity Area Leaders design department affiliations for EE's.
DD's need an employee specialist person/process or Human Resources team to intervene in office conflicts.
Establish 4 to 6 satellite sites for consistent and long-term program delivery.
Develop a regional approach for District program priorities.
DD's share responsibility during absence/vacation.
Develop 1 to 2 international travel programs/opportunities a year.
Provide opportunities for U of M employees to become involved on National and international levels.
Develop a more consistent communication network between District Directors. More than our 3-day monthly meeting.
Define/fund interns within each Capacity Area.
Determine intern budget by July 1, 2001 for 2001-2002 program year.
Implement proposal of year round AND summer internships - not OR.
DD's discuss short and long term plans and opportunities for professional programs.
Encourage/foster state specialist and educator ties.
Role clarity of OPS, CLA's, Assoc to Dean, Asst Dean, Exec Committee, DD's.
Have DD's play a greater role in assisting with staff orientation program development.
DD's/Dept. Heads/Capacity Area Leaders meet to review District POW's and determine connections with campus faculty.
Our marketing plan to be a hands-on, understandable, usable plan.
Coordinate campuses? Strategy to deliver satewide training for Extensioon Committee and other programs.

Consider the following issues in program development:

Audience groups and categories
Format, alterations/multiple use
Longevity, implementation - 3 to 5 years
Staff roles and obligations/commitments
Program options, credit/non-credit/certificates CEU's
Budget, profitability
Portability, program rotation
Marketing strategy
Support materials, preparation and event support
Public relations value
Location, location & location
Audience development/media/direct mail/resources for public relations
Regional and national potential
Revenue cost, incentives
Timeline, stepping back from initial offering

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

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