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I just borrowed some vcds from a friend and tried to copy them with Nero. However soma had scratches so copying was not possible. I used CloneCd (highly recommended for cd copying) to copy cds with scratches easily. But when i tried to play the copies with Xing, Xing tries to read the bad parts too. So the program crashes at that time.

Can you recommend a good Vcd player which does not try to correct the data but skip it. I don`t need that 5 or 10 seconds but i want to play my vcd uninterrupted. Thanks...

-- Ozzie (, June 01, 2001


I have a Konka KD-1800U DVD player, which plays VCDs with scratches. I have tried several VCDs that could not be played on other DVD palyers and would work in mine.

There is also a software which is good at reading VCD discs with scratches. Download demo from (get file It would be difficult if you do not read Chinese.

Other software just stop when reading VCD with scratches. "hero2000" just tries harder and goes on.

-- shuo (, June 01, 2001.

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