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I lived in SF in 1968-69. I knew a man who was known as the mayor of Haight Asbury name Bo Maverick. Does anyone have any information on Bo????

-- Zooey Byram (, June 01, 2001


Are you sure you're not conflating Beau Maverick (Brett's brother on the Maverick series) with someone else?

I find one reference to "mayor of Haight Ashbury" and that's Merle Saunders -- he's got a website and a message board he apparently tends pretty well at:

Otherwise, there's a list of links at the Haight Ashbury history site:

One of them may jog your memory.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, July 06, 2001.

Hi, I donīt know if you are still interested, but we are a film clip archive and I think we have a few clips that show him - it says that name on his hat. Our website is you go with the cursor on the cat, sign in as a guest and put the following into the search mask. Category: Lifestyle Subcategory: Flower Power Country: USA Time of Day: Day Direction: Air to Air!!! I save it like that for a while on purpose so you can find it, because as a guest you dont get all the search results.

So I hope you will like the shots.

Best regards, Heike

-- Heike Kuls (, July 06, 2004.

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