Dear Readers The joy of serving the Lord is always my strength. Just writing to inform and share with you the Seven Point Partnership Plan of the 15th Episcopal District under the leadership Bishop Gregory G M Ingram. For the past 4-6 quadrenniums bishops just maintained the traditional fundraising and reporting system. From day one, Bishop GGM Ingram challenged our comfort zones, for we have accepted our environment on face value. Here is a bishop who brought a vision, that new horizons are calling and waiting for the post-apartheid southern Africa. Here is a bishop who refuses to accept anything on face value. Between his 1st arrival in the District in September 2000 and the Episcopal Planning, during the Annual Conferences he shared the vision of a revitalised 15th Episcopal District, and has been identifying talented men and women to give meaning to this vision. I was one of those fortunate to be given an opportunity and addressed the Episcopal Planning Meeting during January 2001 in Port Elisabeth on The State Of Education in the 15th Episcopal District. Many of us spoke, and we workshopped in smaller groups, and the final product was the SEVEN POINT PLAN OF THE 15TH EPISCOPAL DISTRICT. I must state it loud and clear that this in not an INGRAM PLAN, but it is our African plan, to focus on 1. Economic Development, 2. Education, 3. Management, Marketing & Administration, 4. A Resource Inventory Bank, 5. Church Growth & Evangelism, 6. Missions, and 7. Stewardship.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church is at a pivotal stage in its history, especially in southern Africa. Presently there are far too many needs that must be met. There are far too many people who are crying out for spiritual and physical healing. But we must first shore up the infrastructure of our Church, which is showing signs of wear and tear.

I understand that the credibility of our leadership is at stake, but I want to assure AME Church members wherever they are, who are reading this medium, that bishop Ingram did not enforced this Plan on us. For the 12 months he has been in the District, Bishop Ingram has proven his credibility, accountability and stewardship. Monies raised thus far overseas were reflected in the Financial Reports presented at the Joint Midyear and even first fruits on education were already earmarked for the various conferences.

I am putting the Seven Point Partnership Plan on own initiative, in my capacity as 15th District Information Officer, not by request of the bishop for two reasons: 1. Whenever and wherever our bishop travels in the USA, please receive him freely without reservation and understand that he is our ambassador for the Seven Point Partnership Plan, and that it is not his personal or family issue. As our bishop, first amongst equals, he is our representative and spokesperson, and he has proven himself as a sound adminstrator. 2. If you have any question on the Seven Point Plan, please send it to me email address or even pose the questions on this Forum, and we would be more than happy to inform the AME Connection about this Plan.

You can reach Bishop Gregory G M Ingram at the: 15th Episcopal District Headquarters Postal Box 309 KASSELSVLEI, 7533 Bellville, Cape Town Republic of South Africa Office:+27-951 4230 Facsimile: +27-21-951 4371

May the God of our Fathers and Mothers grant us love in abundance, for God is Love.

Rev. Willem Simon Hanse PURITY AME CHURCH P O Box 62292 KATUTURA Namibia

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001


Dear Rev. Hanse,

I was delighted to hear about the SEVEN POINT PLAN OF THE 15TH EPISCOPAL DISTRICT. I am going to pray that your bishop and episcopal district will have much success. I especially like the 7 initiatives outlined in that plan. I am certain that this plan will uplift the lives of many in the new South Africa that you and your country men are building. One of the reasons that I was attracted to the AME church was because of its heritage and accomplishments and also because of its enormous potential. I hope that one day your bishop will present this plan to the whole AME church because we need a similar plan in the United States.


-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

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