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When is the last time i snowed in SF? ALso, what are the record HIGH and LOW temps in SF history?

-- james been (, May 31, 2001


Check this Web site for cold and hot spells in S.F.:

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, June 01, 2001.

The S.F. Chronicle had an article about it when it snowed in December 1998 — this was during the filming of The Bachelor. More recently, though, it snowed here even early this year.

-- Scott Trimble (, June 03, 2001.

The snow in 1998 was just flurries - the last REAL snow was, I believe 1975. I was in 2nd grade and I recall having a great day. Everyone refused to go back to class when the end of recess bell rang

-- Chris Ellinger (, August 10, 2001.

The previous answer was close but no cigar!The last time it snowed in s.f. was 1976.I know, because my sister was born on feb.12 1976 and was about 1 month old when it happened.My cousins and I built a snowman on Joost ave. in the sunnyside park district.I was 5.

-- cesar moran (, December 27, 2001.

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