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I've had osteo(both)all my life.degener.disc disease,fibromyalgia,I have had two severe whiplash injuries,I go to baptist in winston salem n.c. pain clinic.I've had a change in my neck,restriction of movement,severe pain!I can hear grinding in my neck,yet my Dr.acts like its the weather!I know he's overworked,but my neck is getting worse!What to do?I'm about to the end of my rope!I asked for an earlier appt. and got it!But they ignored me!I take soma,methadone for pain,don't work (can't)have medicaid,If you have suggestions I would appreciate it.thank you and God bless!

-- Emory Lee Moose (, May 30, 2001


I would recommend consultation with another spine surgeon in your area. Perhaps a fresh approach will bring a new solution.

-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (, June 21, 2001.

I think first of you should take extensive rest. Try being in lying down position for two to three days.

Then feel with your fingers if there is any pain due to fracture etc. If there is no swelling and unbearable pain, your pain is because of degenerative case of spondylosis, and only rest and physical exercises can help.

try it out

-- Rajeev (, February 03, 2003.


-- Sherry Nelson (SANELSON@HCSI.NET), May 01, 2003.

I, likewise, have no answer. I have suffered severe pain in the rear right side of my neck for many years. It often becomes so bad it "shoots" from my neck to my temples causing fever and nausea. I have good days and bad and have found no correlation between activities (drinking, sleep patterns etc.) and the onset of pain. There are three D.O.'s and one Chiropractor in my immediate family and though they have popped my neck, which provides only temporary relief, they can only attribute the cause to tension. Acupuncture is great until the needles come out and painkillers usually do nothing but prolong the aching. I'm 35 years old and as soon as they come up with "neck removal" surgery, I'll be the first in line.

-- Paul Rohne (, July 02, 2003.


-- KIM PINER (KPINER101@COMCAST.NET), July 09, 2003.

i have the same problems as all of you. although, i have founf an ortho that is willing to investigate every angle. i have already had a disc removed with fusion (c6-c7 ). the surgery was an success. although, i know have 2 more herniated discs and about to have more surgery. the reason that i am writing is that i think all of you should find new doctors (orthopedic) until you find one that will listen and run all tests. i live in daytona beach, fl. and my orthos name in charlse kollmer. he is the dr. that fixed mark martins neck and is believed to be the best. you have to try hardrer to find someone to listen to you. drugs just don't help and you can't live like this. i know! if you would like to contact me, write to this address: hope this helps.

-- christina retherford (, August 07, 2003.

I am in Charlotte, NC, 43 years old and can relate to everything you said. I am on doctor #4 and my neck just keeps getting worse. The grinding is unreal. Some days I can hardly even turn my head. First I was told I had MS, but don't, now DDD and fibromyalgia and spondylosis and who knows what next week. I have been prescribed every drug out there, been to physical therapy, and am in the worse pain ever. They always want to write a prescription and don't seem to listen. I don't take anything unless I have to. Now they want to do another MRI to see if anything has changed. I just go in circles. Surgery scares me especially after seeing 4 doctors I am not real confident with the medical profession right now. All I hear is you have a severely damaged neck, which I am very aware of. I take Zoloft daily and Topamax. Zoloft I guess helps me deal with the depression, some days I wonder if it really works, and the Topamax keeps me from getting the terrible headaches the neck pain causes. I rarely take any of the pain medications I have tons of. I just suffer because I don't want to live on pain medication. A new neck would be all I need, if only it was that easy. Living in constant pain is so depressing as you know. Going to doctors really gets to me now, because I am so afraid of what they will come up with next. I have always been a very healthy, fit lady and now, boom. I have had neck pain for over 15 years, probably from years of cheerleading and taking some bad falls, kick boxing and living a very active life. Last March I was working 80 hour weeks and my neck just gave out and it has been down hill. Since March, I have been to doctor after doctor, test after test, told this and that. I am beyond frustrated. I have been out on disability since March and am getting ready to go back to work because I just can't go through all this any more. I just hope and pray my neck will hold up. I can see that I am not the only one going through all this. I think if some of these doctors felt any of the pain we do they would listen to us. I wish you the best and hope you have better success than I have.

-- Sandra Stafford (, November 21, 2003.

In response to Emory all Neck pain sufferers, I feel your pain! Back in 1978(I was 23 then) I had a severe neck spasm on the right side which locked my neck and sent me to the hospital. Initially they thought it was a stroke but MRI and other scans proved negative. I went through 2 mos of Physical therapy, trigger injections to the neck trapeze muscle and every drug from flexeril. elavil, to valium. Since then throughout my life every 3 or 4 yrs, I have severe muscle spasms in my neck and go through about 2 mos of various treatments. Well, last month, I had severe spasms and this time they returned with a vengence. I am unable to work every day and have to take painkillers just to make it to 4 PM at work.Here is what I do know: You cannot give up. Keep trying different therapies. There is not just one that works. I have been catscanned, dogscanned, and marsscanned.. you name it, I've had it. What works for me is attacking the spasms aggressively. I use Accupuncture, Physical therapy, Heat and cold applications. (cold works better for me) And I try to stay away from the meds but sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I find taking meds at night work better and ask your doctor for something that will allow you sleep deeply for 8 hrs. I also exercise(walk and ride my stationary bike) even when I am in pain! Also traction helps. I now know I will have this condition throughout my life but refuse to let it get the best of me. I have not tried a Chiropractor yet. Everyone with neck and shoulder problems, HANG IN THERE AND KEEP FIGHTING!!!! Mike/

-- Mike Wright (, February 14, 2004.

Wow!! who knew there were so many of me out there!! I too, have all of the above, I went to Hawaii last year(the best time ever) but when I came home the pain began, At first it was just my feet, I couldn't walk(that has since sorta cleared up they said it was plantar vas.) but the neck is the real story. It has gotten progressively worse, til now I feel like shooting it off!! Stabbing pain , cracking , andasometimes a locked feeling. I have been to ortho and now chiro, not much help. They say cervical arthritis, compression in 4 areas,and god-awful muscle spasms!! I don't know what to do now. I don't want to give up hope, but you are all right, the meds(and they love to give them!) don't do much and make you feel like crap. Thank you all for your insight and hope. jill

-- jill pelland (, February 28, 2004.


-- Glen Smith (, March 07, 2004.

I had back surgery last August to cure the pain in my right hip and leg. It helped some for a little while, but is now back as bad as ever. I am taking BEXTRA and DARVOCET daily to keep down the pain.

-- Ed Hewitt (, March 08, 2004.

Since posting in June of '03, I decided to do everything differently than I had been. First, instead of sleeping on a small pillow, which left my head in a declining position, I decided to "damn the torpedoes" and stack pillows in an effort to remove friction between the joints which hurt the worst. My wife said I was stupid, sleeping with my head in about a 45-degree angle from the rest of my body. Well, I may be stupid but my neck doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did. I wake up able to pop it, rather than it just being stiff. My advice to anyone suffering great neck pain is: Forget what they tell you, try sleeping with the painful side down and your head at as great an incline as you can reach. Its worth a try and it works for me.

-- Paul (, March 11, 2004.

I never expected to get this response,as a way of catching up,I'm calmer now,I laid my problems on the Lord,I am at peace.While I don't know all the answers,Jesus Christ will help you deal with this, I have prayed for all of you,please do the same for me!Anybody wants to repond to me directly,go ahead.I just found out there's surgery that might help me,but medicaid won't pay for it!notice my e-mail has changed.God bless you all!

-- Emory Lee Moose (, March 12, 2004.

After reading all the stories of similar problems, I can see that their are many who may have the same origin of their neck pain as I;

As a kid I used to have a need to "crack" my neck constantly, which resulted in headaches....I was never told what the problem was, but I realized years later it was stress.

Now, 40,years later, I am able to correlate stress with the extreme stiffness, pai, and loss of hearing on the tense side. I have been to chiros, with temporary releif. I now realize the mental aspect of it and have started yoga for the physical stretch and the relaxation. I also noted my posture was poor, expecially in front of my exacerbated the problem, if not triggering it. Valerian root helps relaxation and sleep.

Peace & comfort to you all...

-- James Stith (, March 19, 2004.

Headaches that originate in the neck are termed Cervicogenic headaches. Headaches can be caused by disc and/or facet joint related problems because the nerves that supply the first three vertebrae in the neck supply the head also.

To determine if the facet joints are contributing to your headaches, you can have a median nerve block. If your doctor isolates the right spot, your headache will improve/resolve. A series of injectsions should be done, and if a good result is obtained on each occasion, then you are a candidate for dennervation of the nerve (burning of the nerve) which gives a longer lasting result (up to about 2 years in some people)

If the disc is the suspected problem underlying your headaches, then your doctor can perform a provocative discogram..during which an irritant is injected into the suspected disc (which may exaggerate the headache if it is of disc origin)..then a local anaesthetic (which may relieve the pain).

These procedures should be performed a doctor who is very experienced and should be done under guided fluroscopy. I am australian, so I am not sure how it works in your country, but your local doctor should be able to refer you onto a pain specialist/anaesthetist for consultation.

I hope this helps.

regards deb:)

-- deb farrell (, April 09, 2004.

I was in a sever auto accident Feb. 2002. I had a closed head injury, amnesia for 3 months, cognitive problems ever since, a concussion, was told I had MS (didn't), had Meniers Desiese (didn't), suffer PTSD, fatigue & confusion, and severe whiplash. I have been under treatment of several doctors for psychology, psychiatry, pain management, chiropractor, neurologist, acupuncturist, physical therapy for muscle skeletal injury, cervical & lumbar pain treatments, electrodiagnosis, therapeutic injections, and several quacks in between. I get migrains so bad I vomit & can't tolerate light or movement. I have major vertigo attacks that make the room spin at about 30 m.p.h. I'm on medication for vertigo, pain, sleep, high blood pressure, thyroid, anti-inflamatory, muscle relaxant, anti- spasmatic, & hormone medications; consisting of Zyprexa, Lamictal, Topamax, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Trazodone, Temasepam, VerapamilSR, Seroquel, Prozac, Ambion, Neurontin, Aricept, Lortab, Toprol, Antivert, Synthroid, Permarin, and Maxalt. Still, the pain continues. I have even hung myself with a leather belt on a door knob to relieve some of the pressure. My MRI, CT Scan, and Xrays come back "normal degenerative results for her age. Possible arthritis." I have no relief. I live daily with pain and because I look fine on the outside, even my family doubts that I suffer. I refuse to go to another doctor, or take any more medication, because NOTHING WORKS. I have been on long term disability via my company for a year now, & I stress at what I will do once my insurance runs out. I was making upper money in my company, & now I'm not even sure I can work at anything - much less the kind of money I use to make. You have to have a brain and no pain to work that kind of job & I feel like I've lost it all. I've never felt so helpless in all my life. I just want the pain to go away. Thanks for letting me vent. This is a great outlet.

-- Linda Smessaert (, May 05, 2004.

hey ppl i have had a neck problem for 3 years started cracking my neck to relieve tension and stress, now my neck cracks and pops daily like a couple of times a day. i have had mri, seen neuros orthos and they all say soft tissue injury. this is stuffn my life, lately poor concentration numb hands left arm and feet, sweating feeling tired all the time and not able to think properly, stressed out and depressed i have no quality of life. i hope that they find a solution to this soon. good luck to you all and peace

-- jay (, May 08, 2004.

Finally I don't feel so alone! For years I have constant pain in my right neck and also into my right jaw. There are many nights it keeps me awake and the simple act of just sitting drives me crazy. I guess it's because you think about it more. I have to take medication to help me sleep and I'm only in my forties.Has anyone heard that this could be related to hypothyroidism? I'm having a hard time getting a TRH test done. Any information would be welcome.

-- sherry hansell (, May 09, 2004.

I can't believe all of you have the same problem as me. I have had chronic neck pain for about 15 years and it is gradually getting worse. I have been to so many doctors and I have yet to have one touch me. Most just say there is not much we can do for a neck problem and they give me pain pills and anti-depressants. I no longer go to see doctors. I try to manage the pain myself. One thing I did try was some pills my husband got as a free sample when he had a knee injury. Vioxx. It worked very well but I have not been back to the doctor to see if he will write me a prescription. My pain is so bad I can't sit in a chair and watch tv. Thats when the spasms start and are so bad i can't swallow. Then when I go to bed I wake up every time I move or roll over. My feeling is most doctors have no clue how painful this condition is. Maybe we all need to find a doctor that suffers with the same thing. I too would appreciate any suggestions.

-- Kathy Reed (, May 10, 2004.

Well I dont feel alone after reading all these posts.I started out looking for a answer,I am now a little discourged.I am 46 years old male and have been in good health.I have been taking care of my mom for the last 3 months and I have not worked,I got a hospice volunteer to come over for a day or two while I go out and try to make some money,Well my second day of work I twisted my lower back.It hurt for a week or two and then I started getting a real bad pain in my right side and pain that shoots down my leg.This has lasted about 3 weeks now the pain is unreal.I got a mri done a few days ago and I got a herniated disc.Along with that the back of my neck now burns when I lay my head on a pillow.Life has gone from good to very bad.The ciro is sending me to get a steriod shot to releive the pain and I think releive tension on muscle.I cant beleive life can be so misable and to think you all been going through this for many years.I really dont think I can,I am afraid to shoot myself cause I dont want to go to hell but I dont want to live like this the rest of my life.I wish I was as strong as most of you.The depression is awful the pain is awful.Life now looks so bleek I wish I could help someone but Im looking for help myself.Thank You for Listening Robert

-- Robert McIntyre (, May 24, 2004.

Is there anybody who would be able to contribute an uplifting success story after getting facet joint injections in the neck (steroids)? I'm currently considering this treatment as the next step after 5 years of suffering from severe (and ever increasing) neck pain. Thanks, M.

-- Markus Brilling (, June 01, 2004.

Well, how about an "I think it's a success" story? I had a car accident 17 years ago, suffered a fractured C-2 with severe whiplash and all the chronic fun ever since. I refused to even consider drugs other than anti-inflammatories, or surgery, and simply endured the pain every day - until the pain worsened considerably in the past 6 months. I felt I had no choice but go to pain management, or I would lose the functioning I had fought so hard to keep for all these years. Seems I now also have a herniated right C-4,C-5 I didn't even know about because the left C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5 joint pain was so bad! So, since April I have had the series of 3 epidural steriod injections (didn't work), then facet joint injections of C-3, C-4, C- 5 and HALLELUJAH! I had NO pain for a week for thr first time in nearly 17 years! That was confirmation that the problem was in the facet joints, so my doc did the radiofrequency procedure on the 5/24/04. I was also placed on Topamax in early May (side effects can be difficult - go slow). I can't say whether it was the procedure or the combination that seems to have worked, but the point is that I can sleep through the night! I can take a Tylenol to relieve a headache! So go ahead and try the procedure. You might feel a bit more pain for a couple days afterward, everyone is different - I did, but it was worth it, so far......

-- P Bungay (, June 05, 2004.

thanks a lot, it was indeed very uplifting to read your message this morning!


-- Markus (, June 07, 2004.

I sit here with tears running down my face. While I hate to know that there are people hurting, it helps me realize that I'm not crazy and there are other people who also live with this pain. I've had a headache EVERY DAY of my life that I can remember and in 6 days I will turn 40. Doctors just simply do not believe you when they hear that. (Must be in your head, yeah, ha ha.) I guess it is easy to be funny when you don't hurt like hell. I've been going to Chiro's since I was a child and have not found relief that lasts. I am at my wits end and unlike people who do not live with this pain, there are only so many times you can get your hopes up that there is actually a doctor who can make this pain go away without wanting to just finally give up. I cannot go and explain everything again, just to be patted on the leg and told anything they think will pacify me and get me out of their office. Hey, at least some of you are getting pain meds. I can't even get those to help me want to try to live through the day.

I have had steroid shots, acupuncture, nutritionalists, etc...everything I can think of and nothing that is supossed to fix whatever causes this pain has worked. Sometimes it makes it better, if there is such a thing as "better pain", but it always returns and I end up wishing I were in a coma so I wouldn't have to live this way any longer.

Thank You all for letting me vent. That alone helps tremendously! If anyone lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and has the miracle doctor, I'll give you my first born!!! (Actually he's 20, a sophmore in college - becoming a vet. Paying for everything himself, and is a super son, so it's a great deal!) My attempt at humor. See what chronic pain does.......;-}

-- Diane Michelson (, June 18, 2004.

I can't believe there are so many people with similar problems as myself! I've been battling neck problems for the last 10 years. I've been off work since Feb 2004 because of severe neck pain. I've taken lots of meds...lexapro for my depression, ativan for panic attacks, norco for pain, motrin for swelling, ambien for sleep and trazadone for muscle relaxers. Unbelievable. When I type it out, it's just plain scarey. I am going to have a foraminotomy of the C-7 in about a month. I have a herniated disc pressing on my spinal column and my middle finger and forefinger are completely numb. I also have bone spurs (spondylosis) which will also be addressed. My neurosurgeon thinks I'll have a 90% chance of greatly reducing this pain. I will be thinking nothing but positive thoughts as i need relief from this misery! Just typing here is hard. My thoughts go out to all of you experiencing chronic pain.


-- Laura Macdonald (, July 08, 2004.

Hey all, I have all that ALL of you have.Have been there and done that, all of the dissapointing medical treatments,surgeries,drugs,MRI's,thearpies that you have.53K worth...nothing.I can only turn my head 3" either way and it is getting worse,as is everything else.Degenerative aruthris{sp?},pain medications,surgery,fused discs,more to list but I am sure you get the idea.I was stopped at a red light and got rear ended at 65 m.p.h. All discs in my neck are degenerative,bulging to the front,pain...Ha! Ha! where do all of the pain stories start or end?They can do knee and hip surgery,replacement even,but the neck...expect just pain meds. to help you thru.Along with the medications......I have found a massage therapist that is versed in pain and she centers her massage on pain,trying to help YOU.Of course it is temporary,but if you are like will thae whatever you can get for however long to feel human again for even a little while.70.00/hr. but it helps and I get results in 15 minutes or...immediately and it lasts a day or three,depending.Can any test you've taken do that,not me!Hey,it is temporary but it is SOMETHING. Muscles relax,pain eases,mind clears,IT AIN'T NO M.R.I. I do not see any help and no cure for all of us and what we sufer,just sharing here,maybe YOU can get lucky also. I pray for all of you.And,I feel your pun intended. I know and every test verfies that I am 100% healthy in every other aspecy.I'm 50 and every test they run comes back PERFECT.........I have the health of a 35 year healthy man.......except the pain,which makes me 65. I have accepted this Pain,it is my deamon to deal with,live with,fight every day,and one day, die with.My affairs are togeather.Hey,for me,it's just a reality check.I will send up a prayer for all of you,you are in my thoughts. Diane M. please...hang in there {for me} Thanks, Martin. {if you need me,} Love,understand and feel for you all.

-- Martin Pritchard (, July 15, 2004.

I don't really have an answer, i am just extremelly worried abotu all this since my mother has been suffering from this horrible neck pain. She goes to doctors, x-rays and they say she doesnt have anything, but she sometimes can't even move her neck. I just wonder how come doctors have no answers to this. I mean, my mother sometimes says it must be a tumor and all type of horrible deaseases. I dont even know how to help her anymore, she has had this pain for over 6 years now and it keeps gettign worse. she goes to all types of doctors and i cannot believe she truly has nothing on her neck when the pain is killing her. If any of you have an idea or opinion about the causes of this terrible neck pain. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

-- Nataly sanchez (, July 27, 2004.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!! I am so happy I found this site early. I have had terrible neck pain for about six months now. I also noticed some swelling in my neck and chin area. The pain started in the left side of my neck and I could not move my head to that side. It lasted for three months before my friends suggested I see a chiropractor. His treatments have helped some, but the pain has returned and is now on both sides of my neck. I also feel tired constantly these last few days accompanied by depression that seems to worsen when I feel tired. I have had sleep disturbances, odd feelings in my hands (like a tingling or numbness), some facial swelling, inablility to withstand the cold (I live in South Carolina and in the summer evenings when everyone else is comfortable w/sleevless shirts and shorts, I need a light sweater to keep from feeling chilled), etc. I began my research tonite by looking up menopause since I am turning 42 next month and thought it must have to do with menopause. As I searched, I saw so many articles suggesting menopausal symptoms and hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can appear the same, but are not. The more I looked, the more I saw that my symptoms seem associated with a thyroid problem. Some of the web sites have complete lists of symptoms for thyroid problems. I don't feel all of you have the same problem, but some of you may want to look into this. I found so much information about thyroid problems and neck stiffnes/pain/swelling. I found an article of particular interest. The title is "Establishment Doctors Keep You Sick and Dependent by Mismanaging Underlying Metabolic Disorders". He suggests that 50% of Americans have a throid condition undiagnosed. The test typically run for this condition does not diagnose many people with this condition. I saved the article on my computer and would love to send it to all of you, but don't know how-limited computer knowledge. He recommends taking a basal body temperature for several days. He also suggests an appropriate treatment for the disorder. I want to mention that I was put on lithium as part of a misdiagnosis a few years back and it can greatly impact the thyroid gland. Just thought that might help one of you. Please e-mail me with your feedback. I will try this doctor's temperature method of diagnosis and let you know if you e- mail me.

I hope this did not bore you. If you would like more information on the article, please e-mail me. I don't know if I will be able to find this site again with my lack of computer skills.

My Warmest Regards to all of you and sadness for your suffering. I hope all of us can find a remedy to end the pain (especially those of you who have suffered for so long).

P.S. MEN: This also relates to the men here. There is just as much information for you.

-- marie thompson (, August 09, 2004.

I am in ovett,ms. I got hurt in the oilfield six years ago this october. I had left shoulder surgery. then one morning I woke up and could not move my neck without extreme pain. I could not swallow without extreme pain. to get up I HAD TO pull my hair on my head to bring it with me. latter, I had cervical fussion of c-5&c-6 disc. this hope a lot, but did not bring a complete relief. The doctor wanted to fix the disc below which was c-6 & c-7 but workers comp would only pay for one fussion, so the doctor fixed the one that was causing most of my pain. latter they disabled me and I settled with workers comp, after settling, my medicare and private insurance paid for the other surgery. it hope, however, I did some stupid things like trying to go back and work(thats what Americans do) and I once again began having neck pain, low and mid back pain, and left shoulder popping with tremendous pain. once again I was side lined from working, they did mris, myleograms, discograms and ct. I have had so many injections that it is not funny. The dr. that did my other two surgeries moved his practice to oklahoma city, these crazy democrats here in ms. will not pass tort reform which would make mal- practice insurance for doctors cheaper. they seem to think that companies should be as well as doctors ultimatley broke after lawsuits. I do not feel we, as americans should be involved with wanting money so bad that it hurts all of us who are in pain. now, I cannot find a doctor that will help me, all test show I have chipped and fractured disc all down my back, neck and that I do need surgery, but because it has been less than three years since another doctor has done surgery on me they wont touch me. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.....DOCTORS ARE CRAZY...... IT IS ALMOST LIKE SEEING AN ANIMAL RUN OVER IN THE ROAD, BUT STILL ALIVE AND THEN LETTING THEM LAY THERE IN PAIN.....THAT IS WHAT I FEEL MY DOCTORS ARE DOING WITH ME. AND MAYBE YOU....... IT IS NOT THAT THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP US, IT IS JUST STUPID, FOR PROFIT DEMOCRATS WHO KEEP ALL OF US FROM GETTING THE HELP WE NEED...... DEMOCRATS SAY THEY ARE FOR THE POOR, WHILE THEY PUT DOWN ON US REPUBLICANS FOR OWNING STOCKS IN OIL COMPANIES AND OTHER INTEREST, THEY, THE DEMOCRATS OWN STOCKS IN PHARMASUTICAL COMPANIES, AND THEY WOULD NOT PROFIT IF DOCTORS FIXED PEOPLE TO WHERE THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO HAVE MEDICATION, YOU SEE IT IS A TRADE OFF, THE DOCTORS HOLD OFF FROM DOING SURGERIES BECAUSE OF FEAR THAT IF SOMETHING DOES GO WRONG, THEN THEY WILL BE SUED AND THEIR INSURANCE WILL GO UP- SO THEN DEMOCRATS WILL NOT ALLOW PASSAGE OF TORT REFORM WHICH WILL SET CAP LIMITS ON THE AMOUNT OF MONEY PEOPLE ARE AWARDED IN LAW-SUITS. SO, THE DOCTORS WILL NOT DO SURGERIES FOR FEAR OF BEING SUED, SO THEY CONTINUE PRESCRIBING MEDICATION WHICH THE COMPANIES WHO MAKE THE MEDICATIONS ARE PREDOMINATLY OWNED BY NO OTHER THAN DEMOCRATS, THEY HOLD MORE STOCK IN PHARMASUTICAL COMPANIES THAN REPUBLICANS, THEY HOLD MORE CHANCE OF LOSS OF REVENUE IF DOCTORS FIX PEOPLES AILMENTS, SO WHAT DO THEY DO, MAKE IT HARD FOR DOCTORS TO PAY FOR INSURANCE THAT PROTECTS THEM..... DANG-GUM-NO-GOOD- DEMOCRATS.

-- mike king (, August 13, 2004.

Wow looks what started out as sharing experience in dealing with pain has now turned into a political issue. I too suffer from severe neck pain, been told I have Fibromyalgia, has a discetomy 8 years ago then got rear ended about 9 months ago and the pain went through the roof. Now I have been told that the accident worsened my pre- existing arthritis, that I have numerous nerve entrapments in my arms, elbows, wrists and a massage therapist suggested that possibly I have thoractic outlet syndrome. All I know is I hurt ALL the time now and the accident I KNOW made it worse. It is a complex problem indeed. More research should be done on the subject but as most of you know only people who actually feel OUR pain believe it really exists to the extent that we feel it. Incidently, and bazaarly my 14 year old daughter was in the car with me when we were rearended at about 30mph. About three months later I developed near the bend of my thumb a large knot that is painful and prohibits me from bending my thumb. Today my daughter told me she is developing the same knot on her thumb in the exact same place. Anyone ever have this happen to them after a rear end collision?

-- Sherry L. (, August 16, 2004.

I had a car accident in which I went through the window and under the hood of my car. Since then I have had spasms and knots all along my neck and shoulders.(7 yrs. ago) After trying many medications I finally went to physical theropy. After a few treatments I could see a big difference. I still have neck problems, (and probably always will) but, I figured out that pills are temporary and most only mask the pain. With physical theropy it is longer lasting and I pay close attention to the spots they push and rub so I can do it myself at home if needed. I think once you have a neck injury you'll probably always hurt. You just have to find the best way to try to cope with it.

-- carisa johnson (, September 22, 2004.

I was glad to find this site, after awhile you think it's you who's crazy complaining about neck pain and muscle spasms. I was in a car accident last year where I wound up sandwiched between two other cars. I got a whiplash injury and went from a healthy active 42 year old to a person who could barely get out of bed from dizziness and spasms for the first 3 weeks after the accident. Finally the dizziness subsided, but I've been left with constant neck pain and muscle spasms that lock up either my neck or trapezoid muscles. I wake up in pain, I go to bed in pain. Some days are more manageable than others. I've been in physical therapy for over one year now, I've had trigger point injections, I've tried exercise therapy, use heat and ice and can't tolerate many pain meds, so the easiest and least one with side effects has been a small dose of valium (2.5 mg) that I usually take one in the morning and one before bed. If its a bad day I'll take one mid day, but more than not try not to. I've been on Ibuprofen until last month when my stomach finally screamed to stop! Docs have prescribed Flexeril...couldn't take it, made me too sleepy and then Baclofen, an anti-spasmodic that is usually given to MS patients. I refused to take it, the list of possible side effects such as seizures made me realize the cure could be worse than the condition. Too many doctors are to ready to just feed you meds as if you are a guinea pig. My neurologist has suggested giving me Botox injections in the areas of the muscle spasms. She said it is fairly new therapy but very effective for those suffering from chronic neck pain and associated muscle spasms. I'm scheduled to receive the injections at the end of the month. In the meantime, however, she suggested I try accupuncture. It's something I've never tried and have heard others say they've gotten relief with no side effects. Went to a chiropractor twice and never went back. He sent me home in more pain than when I walked in there. PT has helped give me back some freedom from the spasms, but still I get them to some degree every day. My neck tends to get tired and hurt by dinner time. I usually put an ice pack on it every night before bedtime.

I'll see how the accupuncture works, and if it doesn't, I'll be going the Botox route and hope it works. Hang in there and stay on top of your docs and let them know you want relief, make sure you get MRI's, and look into pain relief therapy such as trying the Botox route.

-- Rose (, October 11, 2004.

I am only 20 years old, and 2 years ago I worked at a job that involved a lot of heavy lifting and twisting. My back and neck didn't fare well, and I ended up having it cracked every night after work. After I quit, my back problems persisted, and I dabled in chiropractic care, etc., most of which hurt more than helped. I began cracking my neck and back regularly. Then this past summer, I reluctantly got a job in landscaping. My problems dissapeared. The shoveling, bending over/ etc. actually improved my back. I stopped cracking it completely, and since I've been at school, only a little neck pain has returned with some upper back pain in relation to the poor posture one assumes when studying. So the key...I returned to the weight room, and it helped a ton. The best answer: WEIGHT TRAINING AND EXERCISE. While I realise that this is not viable for everyone i've read here. Exercise greatly improves the strength of ligaments in your back and neck, the source of much pain, assuming there aren't joint issues present. If you can, give it a shot. Or take up gardening. It's a godsend

-- Ben Ross (, October 14, 2004.

Hey everyone! i see im not the only one with this crap! My neck is killing me also. I get shooting pains from about the 3rd vertabrae in my neck up to the center of my head, a very acute headache type symptom. not all the time sometimes it goes away and comes back. now a new thing i have is when i turn my head to the left i get a snapping sound in my spine right about where the pain originates!! wow whats up with that? any ideas? Im kinda worried about going to the doc. anyway good luck to you all. Joe

-- Joe (, October 31, 2004.

I had an injury in 1978, I worked at a state facility for the mentally retarded. I was attacked by 3 of the clients one night and suffered 'a neck injury'. The x-rays showed the vertabra were going every which-way. At that time there were no MRI's. I went thru all kinds of therapy and they wanted to do 'exploratory surgery' which I refused. I spent 3 yrs on workmen's comp, before being pressured into making a settlement. I was told 'I was as good as I was going to get and needed to learn to live with it'. Being young (and not having a lawyer) took the settlement and went on with my life. Living with the spasms and pain as part of my daily life. In 1995, I had my first surgery, C5-6 disc ruptured, they fused it with bone from my hip, told me I'd have a full recovery. Six months later in 1996 I had my second surgery, C6-7. It took me a year to get back on my feet. Things were not great, but it was better. In 2000, the C5- 6 area had to be re-done because the bone they used broke down. I have never recovered from that. In 2003, my 4th surgery took place, C4-5, with hardware installed also. I was in constant pain, spasms. We discovered (after a whole lot of testing) that my body was rejecting the hardware, I was allergic to the screws, which were not pure titanium. In Dec 2003, they removed the hardware (I had to wait 7 months with it in, because we had to wait for the bone from the earlier surgery to fuse). As I sit here today I am in constant pain and spasms. I have had alls kinds of therapy (massage, aqua, accuncture, medication, I can't think of everything). I saw my Dr. yesterday and he is now suggesting getting Botox injections directly into my neck. I have refused the cortisone shots, the nerve blocking, but this seems promising. The info I've read is encouraging. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this? At this point I am filing for SSD, I have not been able to work since early 2003 and it doesn't look like I'll be able to hold a job. I just don't know when I'll wake up in full spasm, or have a bone crushing headache (it happens about every 5-7 days and lasts for 1-3 days)the rest of the time is just 'regular pain and spasms'. Actually, typing this up, my neck and back are siezing up on my and I need to go lay down. I couldn't believe the number of people who have written here, it is kind of comforting to know I'm not the only one. My loved ones try to understand what I'm going thru, It's very hard on them. Thanks for letting me go on...

-- Sandra Scott (, November 12, 2004.

My first acc. was in 87 i was reended by adrunk driver at the time my job called for me to work 900 shifts as fast as possibe to become full time .At the time i was 23 and thought i was indestuctsble.About 7-8years later i started to feel the pain i ignorded 2years later iwas in pain managment.For you"s who don'tknow what this is it's kinda your doc tired of seeing you and a doc who supposedly helps you deal with your pain with different drugs.The 1st one i went to a nerolagist thought i was faking the pain and was only there for drugs after anothter 2 accidents .My wiife accompined me for a visit the day after the 3rd accident exact words to my wife don't worry he can't get any worse he probele just wantss more pain killers with no mri or x -ray . With in 5-6 months i could barly move my neck. Lets try a new doc i went from 1bulging disc to 3ruptured disc . Since i have had surgry fussed c5 c6 c7 but i am still in seaver pain .Half the time ifeel the docs&my wife think i'm faking or it in my head .Well thats all for now my neak is starting to hurt know Oh i must be faking it.HAHA

-- tom (, January 01, 2005.

I hate to say that I am GLAD to have found you guys, but there is no other way to express it. To the point, I too am (was) healthy and athletic, fit, etc. I had a sudden onset of toxemia during pregnancy, and thus had to lie in bed for four months STRAIGHT (in 1992). Ever since that time, I have had progressively worse neck and spinal problems resulting in pinky numbness, SEVERE pain when I turn my head, bladder problems, vision problems, etc. I know that all of you think I have MS, as do some doctors, but I do not have classic MS problems like red eyes, leg weakness, slurred speech, falling, etc. I really do believe that there is an upper spinal compression causing ALL of the listed problems. The spine is a very delicate network, and if someone has had decreased night vision and bladder problems WITH this back pain (head turning pain) indicate so....what are you doing to help it? I WILL NOT go on narcotics. The one thing I have is a great and sound mind, and drugs will ruin what I know to be a great thing.....BUT the pain is distracting....HELP?!

-- Alicia in Texas (, January 02, 2005.

I have severe neck pain, which believe it or not resulted from a root canal I received almost two years ago this February. During the procedure a hydro chloride was injected into my front left bottom tooth to disinfect the area, the dentist not knowing had punctured a hole in the bottom of the tooth and upon injection of the hydro-chloride it entered into the tissue on the left side of my face. My face swelled like a balloon, the inside of my mouth and tongue instantly turned black, and I was in severe pain from the left ear down my neck. I was immediately sent to a root canal specialist, who sent me to a Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon. The Surgeon decided to sedate me and perform surgery. They detached the inside of my gum and cheeck area and drained all the poison from the area, cut out all dead tissue and left the womb area open to drain. Since them I have been diagnoised with Meniere's Disease, due to the trauma to the ear drum that this episode had caused, and have been suffering severe neck pain. Before the diagnosis I beleived I was suffering from Migraines and thought this may have been the cause of my severe neck pain. I am know going to therapy, hoping this will help, the neck pain is horrible and cripples my life everyday. I have three young children. I am hoping with medication and therapy and know with a diagnosis I will get on track. Good luck to all and GOD BLESS!

-- Tonya Amine (, January 15, 2005.

Please get a new doctor. I am so sorry to hear of your misery. Once I was very active; played tennis 2-4x/week, and would scuba-dive 3X per month. In Jan.2002, I injured myself during a tennis tournament and from that time on, had extreme lumbar pain, shooting pain down both legs to my feet, and leg cramps in my calves. I couldn't stand up for more than 30 seconds, couldn't walk for more than one minute without leaning on something or needing to sit, then I could not sit longer than 15 minutes. It was the worst time of my life. My doctor told me I had DDD (degenerative disc disease), and to alleviate the pain, I did surgery alternatives--physical therapy, massages, chiropractor, TNS unit, heat/cold, pain meds, muscle relaxants, Vicodin, sleeping pills, depression and anxiety meds with absolutely no relief. In Oct.2002, I had spinal fusion of L-3, L4, S-1 (using bone from my own hip), which brought minor relief, at least I could now stand for 10 min., walk for 10 min., and sit for 30 min, then I must get up to walk again. This is where I was in 2004 when a truck on the freeway didn't stop the way the rest of us did, so I was rear- ended at 55 mph in my SUV. It caused me to get a severe whiplash in my neck--I went through the whole surgery alternatives again as with my lumbar pain, but this time added acupuncture, morphine, trazadone, and a higher level of antidepressants? I am miserable because, along with already existing low back and leg pain, I now have neck and shoulder pain, with shooting pain down my arms and hands, migraine, nausea and weight loss (10 lbs. in two months). I found out that the DDD in my neck was much more severe than in my lumbar back. The whiplash shook up things in my cervical spine and the discs collapsed (C4, C5, C6). I'm scheduled for a cervical fusion using a disc spacer and adding a substance that will create bone fusion. It's a new procedure, I'll let you know afterwards if it is a success so that perhaps you might consider it.

-- Mary Jo Lane (, January 27, 2005.

Hi, I'm happy that I stumbled onto this site where everyone is 'going crazy' with pain that the docs just can't seem to figure out so now I don't have "to feel alone." I'm 57.

I've had a diagnosis of DDD, fibromyalgia, bulging discs in neck and lumbar, and spondylosis. Had a laminectomy when I was 27 for herniated lumbar disc. Have also had the usual drugs prescribed, but am just down to: Norco (two a day); Baclofen; Imitrex or other triptan, and Ambien with an occasional 10 mg. of oral Prednisone when I literally can't stand the pain any longer.

For me, the worst part of the neck pain are almost daily headaches. I went to a 'county' pain clinic two times and they gave me an occipital block (hurt like hell and did not help) and one epidural cervical block (didn't help). They prescribed anti-seizure drugs like Topamax and Neurontin. I call them stupid drugs because they make me feel like a dimwit and I'll be damned if I'll give up my thinking abilities. There were other awful side effects also.

My general m.d. keeps giving me all kinds of drugs to try and most of the time when I read how dangerous they are, I won't try them. I haven't been to a neurologist or an ortho yet because my insurance did not allow me to go to any but a county clinic and that is very stressful and not helpful for me. I am hoping that another pain clinic, neuro or ortho (starting in April) might have some insight into calming down the headaches. I'm used to chronic pain, but the headaches (which I really believe are from the lousy neck) are very disabling. I understand the term "beside yourself with pain." It makes me depressed and crabby. Oh, I was on Effexor for about five years. I gained alot of weight and didn't like the effects on my brain.

I'm hoping that someone will post with anything that works for them. I promise i will. I do know that when we visited our son on Maui, I felt pretty darn good. Maybe that is the answer - we all need to live in a beautiful, tropical setting! Best of luck to all. Val

-- Valerie Branch (, February 04, 2005.

hi, my name is connie, 3 cervical fusions c3c4c5, with hardware and cadavier bone, my surgery is 2 years old, i'm still in a lot of pain 24/7,left arm dull ache in muscle area 24/7, both arms and hands numb and tingling 24/7, both legs and feet numb and tingling 24/7, legs feel heavy when walking, last visit to doctor 4 months ago showed bone spurs, i decided no more doctors, no more pain meds, going at this on my own, i do maid work, 14 suites, 5 days a week, tried to apply for disability, lot of red tape, sitting here sending this email to you, with soft collar on, i don't know which way to go, i also have had to much feedback and inpatience doctors, who look at you like the problem is all in your head, my pain is real! feel free to email: only serious bull...

-- connie williams (, February 05, 2005.

t-1, c-5,6,7 degenerative disk disese, arthritis, torn sternomastoid muscle.permanent nerve damage. it seems i have it all. major depression. just 30 and all due to an accident and workers comp. treated me so wrong!!! i suffer every day . constant neck pain, it run straight to my arm on left side. a very long story. i keep going to docotrs, keep taking medicines, same old thing, i wish there was a fixer. i am so tired of hurting and being in pain.

-- shannon (, February 16, 2005.

I feel the pain here. I too have these same problems and have also been told the same stories. I did not read anywhere that any of you have been tested for Lyme disease. Ask you doctor, read about it online and this could be your problem. Fortunatly Lyme is treatable. There are 2 Lyme test the one you want to ask for is called the "Alisa" test and make sure you insurance pays for it. Keep me up to date as I will you. I see a pain doctor on Thursday and if he does nothing I am going to start digging my grave!

-- Dawn Brown (, February 22, 2005.

I am in Charlotte, NC just moved here from Orlando, FL. I wish I could help all of you...but unfortunately I can't....I am in the SAME boat! It started with me in 1987, after having my last child. I had a severe headache, a pain in my neck that was unbearable, went to 7 drs from my PP to Neurologists and Orthos, some said just a bad headache, one said, listen to this! "I can't wear pierced earrings anymore that is what is causing my headache and swelling behind my ear"..Hmmmm have had pierced ears since I was 10 yrs old, and he is telling me this at 28. Now after physical therapy, cervical injections, 2 cervical fusions c 4-5 in 11/91 and c 5-6 in 8/94 with no pain is unbearable...I have had it now for the last three days this time...*sigh* I did have someone tell me to try Pau D Arco and Echninacea for the pain and relief( they are both herbs) but I want a permanent resolution..not a temporary one. BTW I am 45 now...and I want HELP!!!

-- Dori (, March 06, 2005.

I see in the thread that there are some people who have had this kind of pain for quite awhile without knowing what it is. I had the same kind of thing (still do sometimes). It started when I was 18 (I'm now 33) and I was tested for a genetic marker called HLA-B27(human leukocyte antigen-B27 ) and the test was positive.

As it turns out; I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I've found that, as an earlier poster says, rest helps immensely. So does stretching. The best thing I've found for long term relief (and often periods of total remission) is a drug called Enbrel Entracept. It's a pretty expensive home injectible; but I think it's helped more than anything (including a ton of NSAIDS like Ibuprofen, Naproxen and Celebrex). You can also do some other things to relieve these things (I believe these are global helpers unless you have some kind of injury). You can exercise (I don't get enough), make sure you are sleeping well and on the right mattress for you. You can see a podiatrist and make sure that your feet aren't causing any of the issues (it's surprising how much the right inserts can help). You can drink lots of liquids (often this kind of pain is attributable to dehydration). Finally, you can do stretching; yoga is good for this, but traditional stretching is good too. Tension and anxiety can definitely make things worse as well. In my case (and most others I've heard of) it's not always just the one thing (unless it's an injury - which you'd be aware of), it's always a combination of things.

Attack the problem with as many things as you possibly can. Chronic back and neck pain can make a person into a zombie and really degrade quality of life.

Reading this post was useful to me so I thought I'd throw a couple suggestions out there myself. I hope it's useful.

-- Scott Herdliska (, March 09, 2005.

Hello fellow neck sufferers. I've had 18 years of neck problems, including 2 surgeries, but the past several months have been especially bad. For years it was bothersome but tolerable, with some long periods of remission. Mine is some kind of unusual soft tissue problem. Xrays and mri's always come out fairly normal, and I've never had the pain down the arm or anything indicating pinched nerve, etc. But at various times I've had stiffness, head tremor, and different types of pain or discomfort. One of the weirdest things is a sick feeling when my neck is really bothering me... loss of appetite, or slight nausea. Most doctors have said no connection, though one neurologist said something about the "5th nerve" getting irritated could cause that. In the fall I started getting stabbing pains high on the left side, basically where the head meets the neck. Went to a pain clinic, got 3 epidural injections over the course of a month, and started getting relief a few days after the 2nd injection. But more recently I have right- sided pain, almost like a bad strain or whiplash type pain, along with the sick feeling, etc. Except for my neck I am in very good shape for my age (50), and look much younger. My quality of life is not too good, especially since last summer because of my neck. I wish we could all get relief.

Big Steve

-- Big Steve (, March 11, 2005.

I have had neck pain off and on for 12 years i am 40 now and as of this passed jan i started getting so sever pain in my upper neck about the base of my skull and it makes me queasy very bad at times weeks of being sick and fianlly the doc had me get an mri and from what i understood its a disc problem and will start my firs PT tomorrow so maybe will know more then ......... i hate the pain but can handle it most times its the vomiting i can't deal with any one know any ways to help with this i took phengren no help now taking vistral not helping much guess the disc is pressing on a nerve leading to the stomach... doc hasn't even given me and pain pills just norflex which doesn't help at all so have been taking IB 800 from a previous injury but its not helping much ..the more i do the owrse it gets got better for 2 weeks least i could move it but painted walls big mistake now im really suffering ..any advice would be great.i heard a cervical collal helps .feel free to email me

-- Lori McManaway (, March 13, 2005.

hi, my name is connie, first posted feb 05 2005, surgery 2 years old, 3 cervical fusions c3c4c5, with cadavier bone and hardware, pain is worst, i have no answers, i just stay busy with work, and two daughters and a grandson, who thinks he is last visit to doctor in july 2004, shows bone spurs, the doctor looked at his watch during my complaints of constant pain, i decided to not go back, no more meds, but i'm getting worst, i know from feedback i will have the domino effect, and one day be permanently cripple, because, my body is numb from head to toe, you can pinch my face as hard as you can and i won't feel it, now the numbness will eventually go inside of my body and attack the bones, i plan to move back to kentucky and deal with one day at a time, no you guys out there are not crazy, your pain is very real, the truth is there are some doctors who perform certain procedures don't want to hear you, watch a lot of movies, spend a lot of time with people who make you laugh it helps, beat this problem face on, tap in to your hidden resources, between work and home life it won't be easy, but you can and will handle this monster under your bed, do not email me if you do not relate to real pain...........only serious please................

-- connie williams (biggirllittlegirl!, March 14, 2005.

I can't believe all the people that are living what I am. I really started to think it was all in my head....No my neck!! haha... I have been living in constant pain with headaches for over ten years and I am now 37. I get migraines too. The neck pain is the worst. I have a constant knot on the right side of my neck, which the doctor says is probably just muscle. The left side just constantly aches, burns, piercing pain from the base of my head down my neck and into my shoulder and part way down my back. I have had CT scans X-rays and MRIs. I have been put on anti depressents for pain management, valium, and vicodine for pain. I even had a steroid injection in the knot on the right side, which lasted a couple of days. My doctor says that the only thing that he sees is that my neck doesn't have the natural curve to it, that it is straight up and down. Which he says is from muscle spasms. Whatever!!! I just know that I am tired of not being able to sleep at night, and being in constant pain. I have tried accupunture and I can honestly say that I truly don't know if it works or not. Just had a session on Friday and I have been in bad pain since Saturday. Good luck to all of you....

-- Marcie Moss (, March 14, 2005.

Sorry everyone...I typed my e-mail address wrong. My appologies! This is the correct one.

-- Marcie Moss (, March 14, 2005.

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