hemophilic knee replacement

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I am a 62 year old Hemophilic. My knee is so bad that I need to walk on crutches. My knee does not have full rotation any more. I only have around 40 deg. to 80 deg, flex. My question is when they do the replacement will they be able to straghten out my knee so I have a lot more rotation or am I stuck with what what I hav now. I hade my left knee replaced around 30 years ago, and that one is bent around 30 deg.

Thanks so very much


-- Bob Miller (kbmiller99@yahoo.com), May 30, 2001


A knee replacement should help you both with pain and range of motion. You should expect to have significantly more motion altough it may not be full, and you will have to work hard at rehab. Part of it depends on how long you have had this limited motion.

-- Paul Khanuja, MD (DrKhanuja@cs.com), May 31, 2001.

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