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The grove is a small wooded area on the north side of the campgrounds in the Salisbury State reservation. Take Route 1a towards Salisbury beach, from Salisbury center. There will be a large sign designating the entrance to the Salisbury State Reservation on the right, before you get to the beach. Take this right, travel past the gatehouse and then take your first possible right, which takes you into the camping area. As you enter you will see a turn-off on your right where the campers in trailers get rid of their sewage waste. Just beyond it is a grove of trees. This is the Grove. It is a perfect migrant trap in that it is the first thickly forested and brushy place that birds encounter when coming off the ocean, or crossing over the mouth of the Merrimac River. It can be both sensational, and it can be disappointing. When it is sensational there is no other place in the state that can match it - in my humble opinion. During the summer the kids in the campgrounds love to ride their bikes through its pathways, which is both good and bad. It is good in that they keep open many paths, which would otherwise grow impenetrable during the summer. It is bad because when they are there birding is virtually impossible. The ideal time to bird the Grove is during migration when the kids are still in school. Also during the summer months there is a fee to enter the reservation. In the winter it has been a good place to find Owls. This is a very small place, being less than two hundred yards long and probably no more than fifty yards at it's widest point. The migrants tend to stay in there after they have come down, because there is no other adequate place for them to go. The nearest comparable spot is at least a half mile away. It is comprised of a mixture of small pines, cedars, birch and aspen; none of them twenty feet high. There is also a lot of sumac and other brush. Right off the top of my head I can relate to you that it is where I had my best look at Worm-eating Warbler (literally at my feet), a brief but good look at Connecticut Warbler, and for the last three Aprils a good place to get Yellow-bellied sapsucker.

-- Sean T Noonan (, May 30, 2001

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