i want to put films from vhs to vcd

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I want to make a vcd movie but i do not know how to make one. I want to punt my vhs films to a cd. i already have Nero burning software 5.O.

Yours faitfully

Chakib Boulnouar boulnouar.chakib@mailcity.com

-- chakib Boulnouar (Boulnouar.chakib@mailcity.com), May 30, 2001


That's what this forum is for, love. You read all the entries past and present and when you start dreaming about them you are at that point on the road to creating a VCD successfully. Other sites like www.vcdhelp.com and www.geocities.com/aussie01au can get you there as well. We all here probably started out in the same situation you are innow. :)

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (turk690@yahoo.com), May 30, 2001.

Hello ! U need help ill try too .... 8) First u must have a TV -Card i think u have one 8) then u must connect ur VCR to the TV -Card ... Search for the cannel where the signal of the VCR is !!! (sorry for my bad English because im German thou.... ;-) ) If u have that u must have some Software !!! First the Burning software ! U must have Nero or Win on CD 3.8 Pro But Nero is better for VCD´s Then a Programm to record a MPG stream that can be burned with Nero an is then combatible to ur DVD Player that u can watch it later on ur DVD player (Standalone Player) Ithink u want to do this or ? The Capture Programm is Cineplayer DVR Plus 2.51 (formerly known as WinVCR 2.5 plus ) Search for it u will find it and u need it its the best programm u can get ! And a good cutting programm to cut out the Commercials when u record from TV or Cassetts with commercials on it but here i can not help u i need help in this too i dont find on so far 8( try try try

-- Frank Korb (Rubel_tgt@hotmail.com), September 30, 2001.

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