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Energy use

-- Martin Thompson (, May 30, 2001


Response to California electricy status

New Web site tracks state’s energy use

Updated: May 29, 2001 - 10:57 a.m.

A Web site unveiled Tuesday promises to help people track keep track of California’s energy use on a “minute-to-minute basis.”

The site was developed by energy efficiency researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, according to a news release.

The site is at:

“This site shows, in one place for the first time, California electricity demand, availability of power within the state, power imports and exports, and capacity out of service in real time,” says Berkeley Lab scientist Alan Meier, who headed the site’s development team. “We expect that Californians will want to bookmark this site so that they view the power situation this minute.

“Using this site,” he added, “consumers will be able to respond to the electricity crisis by reducing their power consumption when it’s most important.”

The site uses information from the Folsom-based California Independent System Operator, the California Energy Commission, and other sources of information, the news release stated.

Meier says that the development team will add additional information and resources to the site in the coming weeks, including links to energy efficiency sites, and additional background information on the meaning of the data.

The lab also offers advice on how people can reduce their energy consumption by 20 percent, the reduction that is needed to qualify for state’s 20/20 Rebate Program.

Called “20 Percent Solution,” this site is at:

For more information on the state rebate program, go to:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducts unclassified scientific research and is managed by the University of California, the release said.

The lab’s Web site is:

-- Bee Metro Staff

-- Martin Thompson (, May 30, 2001.

Great find, Martin. Keep up the good work.

-- PHO (, May 30, 2001.

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