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Any users of the Horseman folding binocular viewer out there? What are your likes and dislikes? I`m curious about using it with 4X5 and 612 backs. Can you see the entire field at once and does the 3X viewer eliminate the need for a loupe? Does it fold to about the same size as, maybe five or six 4X5 film holders stacked up? Thanks, Steve

-- Steve Clark (, May 29, 2001



At the urging of Danny Burke I ordered a Horseman Folding Bino Viewer. It has been a great decision. The viewer is very compact, folds nicely and has made my LF workflow much more enjoyable. Especially now that the summer humidity has returned to South Florida.

Is there anything I dislike about the viewer. Well, the price could be a bit cheaper, it could be smaller, it could be lighter. Sure, there is always something to be said for wishlists. But in general I am enjoying it's use very much.

Recently I started a series of flowers on Type 55 film. Shooting in the studio with the view has been convenient and fun. I had the viewer modified by Ebony to fit my Ebony SV45U. It is now an integral park of my LF kit.

Regards Mike

-- Mike Kravit (, May 29, 2001.

Great thing this is! However is very expensive, if you want to spend less and don't mind the larger gizmo, buy a Toyo(!!!!) it fits Horseman perfectly. You still need a lope for precise focussing, landscape and portraits present , in general, no problems at all, better associate this to a Beattie or Bosscreen (+ Fresnel?).

-- Andrea Milano (, May 30, 2001.

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