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My question to you as AME's is, does the AME Church make any spiritual demands upon it's membership. After reading about Bishops in Africa, I felt that it was more about money than spirituality. Do you make demands on your membership to be priestly in their service, prophetic in their living or passionate in their proclamation. When members are not challenged to grow up in their faith we end up with . worship that is more entertaining . leaders who cannot be trusted . missionaries with no mission . stingy stwardship . uncommitted members . dishonest leaders . picky pew sitters And pimping preahers. What is your mission

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2001


Amen!! Though weeds will grow with tares who live in the Spirit of Christ being free from such things! The fruit will reveal where th heart is! If the world hears them then you have worldly fruit if the world hates them then you have Christ!! An organzation without Gods Spirit is as a cracker in the desert on the dryest day in history!!

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2001


At first, I thought that your question might be rhetorical, but it occurred to me that it might not have been.

You can rest assured that the AME Church does indeed make spiritual demands upon its membership. Out of curiosity, what truly Christian denomination (or "non"-denomination) does not?

I think that many times entertainment instead of worship, "leaders who cannot be trusted...pimping preachers" is more a result of not being up for the challenge, rather than the challenge not having been issued.


Linda Barta

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

Dear Don,

I am a member of the AME church and I can say yes that the AME church does indeed make spiritual demands upon its members. At my church we are beginning a 7 month bible study on the life of Jesus. My church also has a prayer meeting service prior to the bible study. The bible study begins with prayer and recitation of scripture by individual members. Last week the pastor decided to give an examination about old testament personalities, I purposely decided not to go because I don't like examinations. Our worship service follows an orderly pattern with traditional hymns of the church and it is spiritual. I was attracted to the AME church because its worship style is spiritual. There is also an altar which the members are routinely invited to kneel around during the worship. I find your comments about the AME church to be most incendiary. Your conclusions about this church based on what you have read from a few individuals on the internet are not objective. Every institutions has some praiseworthy attributes and shortcomings. I particulary find offensive your characterization of our clergy as being "pimping preachers". Do you think that it is fair to slander a whole group of individuals based on unsubstantiated comments? As I understand it, in the AME church, if an officer does something that is unethical, there is a committee in place that will examine his or hers conduct and a make a decision accordingly. The AME church is a fine institution but not a perfect institution but a good institution.


-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001

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