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The Next Middle East War Has Already Begun!

YOWUSA.COM, May 21, 2001 Janice Manning Loughner

According to Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat, the “decisive battle for Palestine” has begun and for the first time since 1967, Israel has used F-16 warplanes to strike Palestinian strongholds in move that Vice President Cheney calls “worrisome” last Sunday. This comes on the heels of the news last Saturday, that ministers from Egypt and Jordan along with 7 other Arab ministers endorsed an Arab League recommendation to suspend political contacts with Israel. The politicians are urging calm, but they know the real truth. Israel and the Palestinian Authority are at war, and that is only a matter of time before it escalates into a regional if not international conflict!

Meanwhile, the White House is reviewing the "specific language" of Arab League recommendation despite public assurances made by both governments that diplomatic relations will continue as before. However, Middle East watchers wonder if Egypt and Jordan now intend to terminate their diplomatic relationship with Israel. If they do, they will violate long-standing treaties with Israel.


-- Martin Thompson (, May 29, 2001


This depicts a very plausible "medium case" scenario. Of course, war is very unpredictable, and can quickly cascade out of control once started. This is especially true in the Middle East with its synergistically volatile combination of Religion and Petroleum.


Scenario for another Kosovo against Syria, Lebanon

Syria-Lebanon, Politics, 5/29/2001 Copyright, Fair Use for Educational and Research Purposes Only

Diplomatic sources have disclosed a scenario being prepared by Israel with an American blessing. This scenario is designed to launch a war similar to that of Kosovo but this time against Syria and Lebanon, and the result of which is also the elimination of the Palestinian Intifada.

The sources said Shebaa Farms will be used as an ambush against Syria and Lebanon, because their stand in this regard is clear, that is the rejection of halting the resistance before the liberation of the Farms.

Consequently, international forces, at the top of which is the United States, will make threats against each of Damascus and Beirut to halt resistance operations. Because such operations, according to the western analysis, are not directed against Israel but against the United Nations, which had drawn the Blue Line and adopted the Israeli claims that these Farms are Syrian and are subject to resolution 242 and not to resolution 425.

Thus, Syria and Lebanon will have only two choices, either to bow to UN threats and work to calm the southern front, which is totally ruled out, or to reject the threats and to adhere to the right to liberate the Lebanese lands which are still under the Israeli occupation. Then, the United States along with its western allies will resort to launch a war against Syria, similar to that launched by the NATO against Yugoslavia.

This will be followed by imposing sanctions on Syria and Lebanon to subjugate them to the will of the NATO and to impose the Israeli conditions for peace.

-- Robert Riggs (, May 29, 2001.

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